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  • Leather shoulder bag, ladies temperament back out

    Shoulder bag style style a lot, not just a simple base models, there are a lot kate spade bags of exquisite design, select the shoulder bag when only need to keep the fashion or look at the quality is not good. Belong to a very simple shoulder kate spade handbags bag, there can be a shoulder can also be portable design, there are simple shoulder style, in short, is very stylish and very practical. Most are simple aristocratic style, very fine and generous design. Fashionable shoulder handbag, it is made of cattle two layers of skin, texture is very good, and the package is very three-dimensional, in the hands of very stylish charm, so you have a unique temperament. Europe and the United States wind simple handbag, it is made of leather, the texture is very soft, and there are a lot of stitching design above, looks very three-dimensional, as well as a single shoulder diagonal design, with duality. Very special a shoulder bag, with irregular geometric design, generous and quality, work is very delicate, metal material is also a very good material, cortex shoulder strap look good, there are a variety of colors can choose. Very special shoulder bag, cartoon painting with the production of a hand printing, very special and personalized design. Simple style, metal chain material is very fine, work well, filling generous and trend.

    Shoulder and handbag design is very simple and generous, cortical personality and beautiful geometric texture, work is very fine and generous trend. Metal material is very smooth, but also filling the quality, shoulder style is very trendy and very casual. Section is very simple but very personalized shoulder bag, just a simple solid color is enough fashion, exquisite accessories design is very beautiful, exquisite workmanship show quality. Simple shoulder bag casual bag, wild and practical.

    2017-05-25 20:12:31
  • Come handbag bright and bright!

    Girls in addition to clothes control, lipstick control ... ..., but the bag is very elegant and very fashionable a handbag, big bag body, girls out of all the essential items are easy kate spade bags to be installed on the yo ~ Bulging oval design, very simple and lovely wind. And is the most classic wild black models, with clothes from the minute to be able to solve the thing Oh! Because it is in the winter, so when the choice of color when buying bags, Xiao Bian or recommend the choice of solid color series. This gray section of the bag, stylish atmosphere, classic wild, but also special temperament.

    A very wild red shell-like handbag, whether it is summer or winter, are easy with the clothes, small Baoshen, can easily carry the most basic out of essential mobile phone, lipstick ah like of. Simple tassel embellishment, add a lot of elegant women of the wind. Bag is a sense of design a bag, inspired by the British Big Ben, so in the bag printing, is very representative of the British Big Ben's printing, simple retro, yet women The elegance of the wind Very wild black bag, is the first choice in the winter to buy bags of color, fashion atmosphere, through a sense of fashion charm. This black bag and both sweet atmosphere, pure black design, using a comfortable pu leather material, soft and not easy to deformation. Always highlight the fashion and elegant atmosphere.

    ?Very temperament of a handbag, simple atmosphere, but the details of the Department, everywhere highlight the elegant femininity. Soft pink series, so that this bag more sweet atmosphere, elegant and elegant in the slightest touch of the soft atmosphere. Big bag body, but also can easily carry girls out of essential goods Oh. Compared to the general solid style style handbag, this bag is still a more characteristic of a, is kate spade outlet online composed of stripes composed of lattice style handbag, is a more classic fashion elements. Whether it is portable or oblique cross, give a very stylish and elegant atmosphere, pu leather material, soft and comfortable. Bag is a small series at first glance directly to join the shopping cart of a very simple fashion wind, portable office is the use of metal portable ring design, even more texture, but also highlights a Han Fan children beautiful breath. There is no other redundant design, simple to see the elegant!

    Very retro art of a bag, simple and natural, small tassel embellishment, more highlights the little girl's lively and playful winds. Bag body has a very distinctive lipstick, star pattern printed, really meet the female bag must have a lipstick fashion design concept. Is still a simple style of a bag, simple and elegant, the details of the highlight of the elegant charm of women. Large body covered with irregular lines embellishment, simple to see the details of the fashion design. Light gray and kate spade sale white hit color elements, the transition is natural, the bag is also large enough, girls out of things absolutely enough Oh!

    2017-05-24 20:17:06
  • Fine package, there is always a section of your food!

    Summer wear skirt days so much, a nice bag this time it is particularly important. The charm of the bag is not only in its convenience, but also because it can create a unique beauty. Different types of bags can give you a different feeling, want a modern retro style? Or fresh cute girl wind? No problem, there are. Europe and the United States mini jelly package. To talk about Europe and the United States, or the most feel the edge of the package. Buckle and chain of metal texture, retro and elegant taste filling, as usual banquet, business, or travel, this package is undoubtedly the most practical wild. Jelly pig bag, a little cute bag, but with a smooth leather, it looks so a trace of elegance. Smooth and simple lines, rounded package type, not only large capacity, with a skirt, more highlights your perfect temperament Oh

    Lychee fashion elegant, with white and brown, suitable for those who have entered the workplace or a little small gas kate spade bags field of girls, the bag is also the capacity of the lever, hand strap and metal design perfect combination, looks more style. Really is a simple fashion bag, cross-shaped square design simple in a little personality. Car suture fashionable, making the black bag does not look so monotonous, with a zipper, carrying a more stylish, is also more secure and convenient. Simple lock small square bag, always fashion darling. Three-dimensional package type, with elegant kate spade handbags fashion printing, looks elegant feminine full. Color with a color, retro style highlights the most vividly. Solid color kate spade outlet bag is synonymous with elegance, whether it is from the gas field or shape, are so simple atmosphere, bean sand color bag with a retro personality lock, solid color more atmosphere, casually ride, is the elegant woman Fan.

    Wide shoulder strap this year is very popular, the streets of the degree of waves blowing a wave of shoulder belt. This bag is different from the general place is that it hollow metal buckle, bag itself exquisite elegance, domineering side leakage.

    2017-05-23 20:35:53
  • Clever mix, the most practical bags and clothes color matching skills!

    Black bag is basically wild all the color So when kate spade sale you do not know what to take the bag to choose black must not be wrong. Body color is relatively bright, with a black bag to sum up is more likely to highlight the temperament of a good way! And black and white with such low-key color with the people will give a very pure feeling! Some not too good to take the color with a black bag to the perfect transition. Who wear very flowers, more color when a black bag is the most insurance. Bags and clothes were the same color or near color, deep and shallow with the way you can create a very elegant feeling, when the body more than one color, choose a color echo. With the printing time is the same, such as the following figure in several bags are and clothes in a color echo, so put up very harmonious. Wear colored stripes when remember, bag stripes and clothes stripes will be harmonious and elegant. Of course, you can also like the above, select the stripes in a color to echo.

    Neutral color refers to the black, white kate spade sale and black and white to reconcile the various shades of different gray series, neutral color does not belong to the warm tone is not cold, usually people feel pure. Yellow special lively and dazzling and neutral colors can really be a very color. The most eye-catching match than hit the color match, it will tell you, will be more people who will color control amazing. Advanced fashion, hit the color must learn Oh! Say that since the ancient red and blue CP, whether kate spade handbags it is red clothes with blue bags, or blue clothes with red bags, are eye-catching, and a white.

    2017-05-22 20:32:47
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