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  • Handy oblique handbags young and beautiful!

    Bag, gift bag is an indispensable part of daily life, often can show a person's taste. Bag design, more and kate spade bags more businesses to promote the sale of advertising carrier, but also one of the means of advertising brand clothing. Handbag design, at least clear three points: First, the brand's kate spade purses temperament how to show, simple fashion or traditional classical? Second, the brand LOGO how to reflect, advertising language, design and font design integration; Third, the bag of materials and specifications, technology and so on. Bags and clothes were the same color with a deep shallow way, you can create a very elegant feeling, such as: dark brown suit + camel bag. Bags and clothes can also be a strong contrasting color, which will be a very eye-catching with the way. For example: black suit + red belt + red bag + black high heels. That is, neutral color clothing with embellished color bag, so with you will be very good, such as: camel dress + sky blue bag + camel high heels. White bag - bright, peaceful, pure handbag can be used with the color of clothes - can match all colors.

    Gray bag - mature neutral color can match with any color. Coffee and beige bag - mature, sophisticated, serene (cold rice, warm rice) can match the color of clothes - basic color (black, white, gray, blue). Blue bag - deep + mysterious quiet, refreshing, sensible, deep. Can match the color of clothes - basic color white and black (bag, shoes). Deep blue bag - yellow, red. Passionate and vibrant colors can match the color of the dress - orange and yellow colors; with basic colors, white, black, green, all kinds of blue pattern clothing. Elegant colors, women like, but it is difficult to match the color can be used with the clothes color - the same color shades different purple; black, white, yellow, gray.

    2017-07-20 20:07:23
  • Canvas bag maintenance mode

    Fashion canvas bag special fabric selection of light enough cotton, after encryption, high temperature printing and dyeing, washing and other production process, made of canvas bag feel more delicate, soft, breathable better. Accessories used iron, copper or zinc alloy die-casting of the embryo, through the ancient silver plating, sealing glaze treatment, in order to achieve the perfect texture and washed many times the effect of stainless steel. Different texture and color of the stitching design also reflects a unique character charm, vivid, low-key, and no kate spade bags lack of fashion. To the consummate handmade attainments and high-quality raw materials, to provide consumers with rich choice, looking forward to perfect your dedication, canvas fabric, environmental protection fabric selection of cotton, encryption weaving 16 ounces of good canvas. Single-axis natural high-temperature printing and dyeing, 45 锟斤拷 C washed 50 minutes, and then stone, rinse three times. Using drying, and every 10 minutes to manually flip once, and finally to better achieve the full grain, texture, clear and natural fabric effect. Canvas material is not only solid and durable, and light and environmentally friendly. To ensure that the user's comfort, style craft refinement, style design simple, type, with particular attention to detail and function of the design, emphasizing the personality and fun. To fine workmanship, from the version type, fabric, color, craft and other aspects of the embodiment of humanistic care. Different from the general canvas bag, accessories used iron, copper or zinc alloy die-casting of the embryo, through the ancient silver plating, sealing glaze treatment, in order to achieve the perfect texture and washed many times the effect of stainless steel.

    ?Value is not expensive, relative to the same brand, canvas shoulder bag to a higher level, better quality as the goal, to maintain a reasonable price, both aesthetic and practical, noble and not expensive, the details of the power, each Section of the details of the package, you can always record their own classic quotations, together to join the era of canvas bag, the release of true I, to explore more interesting themselves. Canvas bag maintenance instructions, washing: water to add a small amount of kate spade purses laundry detergent or soap gently rubbed, if stubborn stains can be gently brushing with a soft brush to avoid prolonged soaking, with the skin part of the water to avoid touching. Due to the characteristics of the canvas itself, if a slight fade is a normal phenomenon. 2, drying: drying please inside the bag turned to the inside, upside down to dry, is conducive to maintaining the original package shape. Avoid direct sunlight, dry or dry way the most ideal. 3, storage: do not use for a long time, please store in a cool dry place, to avoid weight, so as to avoid moisture or kate spade purses deformation from the deformation.

    2017-07-19 20:19:15
  • Why can a woman leave a handbag?

    ?First of all, the handbag can give a woman a sense of security. Handbag is like a close partner, carry it with it, and my heart has a sense of dependency. The love of a woman's handbag reflects the needs of Maslow's hierarchy - the sense of security is the need for physical needs, human instincts. When the women from the home into the outside world, it kate spade handbags is the package, in the subconscious, gave them some kind of emotional support. In some cases, the bag can also help them to ease the inner tension and anxiety. In kate spade sale addition, the handbag or a woman's savior, so that they become more perfect. Women do not like men, and sometimes can not care about their own perfect, men can use everyday things such as mobile phones, cigarettes, keys and other personal pocket, women can not do so, so they can not do without the package. At the same time, handbags can reflect the quality of life and femininity. Handbag is the best jewelry with accessories, but also the way they change their mood. For them, the selection, with the bag is a pleasing thing, they never tired. A paragraph with a careful handbag everywhere showing their pursuit of quality of life. From some of the women's bag, you can kate spade purses read her inner soft, small space, disordered in the arrangement of lipstick, eyebrow pencil, perfume, key, wallet, phone book, cell phone, photo, etc., equal to loud Announced that they were very feminine.

    Handbags can sometimes reveal the secret of the owner. For example, some women think that the bag must be practical, even as big as the briefcase is good. Like a large bag of women are outside just inside the soft, want to give people the feeling of independence, but they often lack of independence, everything is assured, must control in the hands to feel at ease. Of course, there are a small number of women do not like to carry a bag, but will trivial things such as mobile phones, wallets and other stuffed in the pocket. Such women are generally "strong women". They have a strong desire for freedom and liberation. Hope to be on an equal footing with men, feel the need to put some too feminine things to draw a line, such as packages.

    2017-07-18 20:20:07
  • How to choose to highlight their own style of the bag?

    Say that everyone in the dress will have their own style, and in their own unique style in the crowd, giving a deep impression. Some people dress casually, ordinary, and then with a simple and generous bag, so both comfortable and beautiful. And some people dress grand, with a high-end bag, so both fashion and show noble quality. And some are to reflect their own sports style, specifically to sports bags and sports clothing reflects the style of love sports. Regardless of which style can reflect their kate spade bags own alternative side. Now the popular variety of bags on the market, mainly divided into satchels, handbags, shoulder bag, dual-use Messenger bag, backpack, purse, chest and so on. So everyone in the purchase of bags, how to quickly choose a prominent style of their own bags? Select the bag to see the overall shape, from the kate spade outlet hair, clothing to the shoes, accessories, every place has to pay attention to a subtle error is enough to affect the overall effect with the whole. Whether it is a bag or a straw bag or cloth bag, in addition to choose their favorite color, style, size, function, but also need to pay attention to the bag carrying mode, as well as the length of the strap, feel, etc., improper carrying mode is to hurt the body Of the tilt, slowly causing low back pain, shoulder pain and other issues. Especially in the packaging of many stuff like MM ah. Brand bags generally in this area is still good. Very focused on human design. Now most of the domestic production level of bags and the process has come to a better grade. Both in the work and the overall kate spade outlet effect is worth reviewing.

    Go out to play or give a weekday commuter with a small bag, a can hold clothes and other items of clothing items such as large backpack convenient and easy. Really want to bring a small and delicate bag when taking pictures, then stuffed into the big backpack with a chant. Office workers commute bag selection space is relatively broad, according to their own professional and personal temperament with. In addition to some requirements of dress formal career, bag with the relatively free. In general, solid or dark pattern bag is more popular, models to simple and generous is appropriate And out of sports climbing also have a lot of backpack to choose from, the most appropriate is not the backpack? A backpack is needed to climb the mountain, both convenient and easy. kate spade outlet Finally, friends in the purchase of bags need to see the work of the bag, and this part is divided into many aspects, pull a pull to see if easy to track, with or without balance, suture loose, skew, skin No wrinkles, handle, buckle and other hardware is strong, with or without large scratches. As well as the function within the package are complete, such as cell phone bags, bags, bags and other documents, the general high-end bags are with documents bag.

    At the same time many high-end bag lining are more solid, durable, and feel Ye Hao, but also no smell. In addition, for the bag zipper, MM have to check, ah, men should pay more attention to check whether the zipper is strong, in many cases, the bag is also very good, with the new, but the zipper has pulled bad, Their money to repair, this repair has become the old package, and not to repair it can not be used, but unfortunately. So we have to pack outside the zipper and bag inside the check together.

    2017-07-17 20:10:14
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