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17 spring spring package to hit, not fast defeated

Now little partners are struggling to work in the job, but when you kate spade handbags intend to reward yourself, then Xiaobian to fight for you to fight a fashionable chicken blood better, read the following people show the trend of the most popular Bag, do you have the reason to struggle? First of all, you must have a highlight of the elegant feminine chain package, especially this year, many big names have launched a lot of new, and the back method is also varied, you can single shoulder, you can single-handedly, or directly oblique in the body , Not the same back method can show different fashion feeling Oh Very wild version of the design, the whole package has no need for more design, beautiful color + beautiful version of the version has been so much different from the bag, the upper body you know how beautiful and can choose Different faces to wear, the trend is so simple. Retro sense of the saddle bag in fact particularly pleasing, the big back up in particular a very knowledgeable college wind feel, a little bit can be back off the age of the sense of playy, so that you go out with the street to become more attractive Let you be the most outstanding one.

Metal and solid color of the collision cute yet stable, simple and not monotonous design is very nice. This bag of retro color of the metal, very unique. Bag is used in the first layer of leather, feel comfortable and looks very high, whether it is shopping or white collar, can easily control. No accident, tassel elements in 17 years will be popular, of course, tassels can not only be used in clothes and skirts, and now the most popular is the tassel element of the bag Oh! Years of life is not greasy tassels, will bring you more unexpected results. Simple tassel design, this bag is the biggest feature, often more simple to reflect the trend is not simple. Europe and the United States fashion style of the design, kate spade handbags so that you can better highlight the back of their own temperament, so you instantly become street shoot people. Whether it is commuter or holiday to go out to play, a moderate size, simple style wild shoulder bag is always the most practical good partner. Simple and practical shoulder bag now become the favorite of adults, fashion out of the street shoulder bag on the right.

Excellent color design, so that the trend of this shoulder bag show more unique and more than a number of compartment is also more practical usability. Such a practical and beautiful are very good bags, will definitely be your street shooting the best choice. Fashion classic lace texture texture, let you look at this package will fall in love with it. More capacity of space, so you travel with more things are not afraid. Wild style design, let you with any of the clothing, can be perfect control. Bags are nothing more than practical and decorative, if you want to start a more decorative package section, then choose a small and small mini-bar! The size of the time to be able to Messenger in the body is appropriate, of course, this small package a mobile phone key lip gloss bank card change what is still more than enough. Bags with custom imports of the first layer of cowhide fabric, fine mini and generous, bag drawstring can be adjusted, put down the phone and some small cosmetics completely no problem, the shoulder strap is a removable chain shoulder strap, you can shoulder cross, the color of the classic Maccaron, more with this season.