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5 small recipe to let your new shoes farewell feet

Do not know who said, girls are "centipede fine, boys simply can not think of a person why have so many pairs of shoes. Ha ha ha, even can not refute, anyway, small handsome hands and feet are dozens of pairs of shoes Endorsement! Like "Sex and the City" in the Kelly said, love will be gone, but the high heels will kate spade sale always be in. Girls love to buy shoes in fact should be a natural thing, but buy more, trouble also followed, the new Shoes and shoes of the problem plagued every girl (and boys) shoes, some people will endure the flesh and blood dripping with new shoes until they fit into their own look, look very painful ah. That there are some small ways to let People can not go through those pains can wear new shoes? Of course, some new shoes before wearing a candle to wear the inside of the shoes easy to wear the foot of the site, wearing no grinding feet. The principle of this method is to reduce Friction, the equivalent of playing in the place where the grinding feet of wax, in life this method can also be used to solve some other problems such as zipper stuck like, the baby live and learn to use yo ~

If it is cortical shoes, wear a few minutes before blowing with a hair dryer, and so the skin is soft and then wear it is not grinding it! This principle is the thermal expansion and contraction ~ is not very magical ~ white vinegar this kitchen supplies You can make your shoes do not wear shoes yo, the premise is that you have to be cortex, the wet tissue to dry, and then fully soaked in liquor, with a clip fixed in the grinding foot place, place a night, the next day and then wear Will be grinding feet yo ~ why can not use other vinegar it? Because white vinegar will not stain Yeah, if it is dark shoes and you do not mind there may be pigmentation, then vinegar vinegar can also be ~

Chuang Kuo paste can not only paste the mouth to stop bleeding, paste the foot of the place is also a hundred test brave, where the place of the sticking foot is not let you affixed to the feet, but posted in the shoes, this method applies to just bought shoes It is necessary to wear the situation ~ this method is simple and crude, but not you use the feet of blood dripping alive and distracting, but wet towel cover wet, and then shoes wedge big, so wear it will be a lot of ~

If you really can not wear high heels, and would like to look a little higher, or want to leisure students angry that this little with a small round with the most fun shoes, but the right friends ~