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Are you ready for a travel bag?

Long journey, do not let a do not like a bag hinder their own good mood ah! Small fresh new fashion cloth package, is not it also makes you like it? Although can not carry, but this bag in his hand, in a night out for a walk what is also very good, temperament minutes out! Fresh art of small bags, square lattice fabric, coupled with a little bit of lace, really is a kind of unspeakable girl taste. If you just wear the kind of cotton and linen dress, this effect will be able to fully play out, kate spade bags more elegant and simple. What is more convenient than the shoulder bag? Dark green in fact the color of the bag is not common, but it must be worth mentioning that this color is very wild. Not bad street also has its own personality, this is the color of this taste is not the same. To tell the truth I was attracted by his strong sense of metal. The chain is metal, the surface of the bag is skin, the bag above the rivets, black, look cool and stylish. And Baoshen above the printing design, in the heavy metal, but also a little more gentle little girl, it is suitable for the night out of the string and string of us.

Is not that the capacity of the package is not great? Then you will miss it. Bag surface or such a cortex feel, but embroidered on the color, embroidery and cortex will be a good combination of more with a gentle taste. Very simple a simple color bag, red or dark green has a different taste. This bag is very small, so it is suitable for daytime out to take pictures of what time. Metal luster, as well as black tassels, how to see this kate spade outlet bag all in the backpacker's heart. Super like this rivet bag, multicolored rivets coupled with colorful strap, is the national wind appears. Although there will be a sense of metal, but not so blunt feeling, more soft, play in the field accompanied by such a bag feel very close. Recently very popular streamers. And the shoulder bag above the yellow ribbon is very interesting and interesting, with the black match more escape, for those warm girls. Shoulder bag design will make the whole process of travel are easy to concise, take pictures will be more students some.

Travel must be a must praise the bag, not only can be a good thing to install some of your things, but also in the play to commemorate the field can play a very good decorative effect, making the whole people look a lot of spirit. A good baby will directly affect the mood when you play, so be sure to pick a bag of enough water ~