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Bag, look good and do not hit you any pick!

I heard that someone recently bought a package? Back tired of the shoulder bag, square bag, it is better to see this summer will fire three bags! Small to what can not put the lipstick, large enough to put down the quilts quilts, as well as the package in the mainstay of the bucket bag ~ back to them, to ensure that you do not hit money! This year's bucket bag has long been out of the basic section of the limitations, texture design and mixed fabrics novel and unique. Shape the top of the body-style eye-catching eye-catching eye, the basic models are still popular. And kate spade purses the lips of the strong contrast bag is also active in the two seasons of the show floor, exaggerated contours of the simple shape of the dynamic. "Northeast cotton quilt" a debut has become the focus of the topic, and fashion fine who are also solid or striped "quilt" attack. Chain package in this year will continue to high heat, chain package can actually include kate spade sale all the above shape, but the difference in the shoulder strap this place, pure chain, big chain or belt wear chain style is very fashionable it.

The biggest highlight of the package is the shape of the opening, pressed into a very elegant anti-circular arc, in addition to the small hair ball with the increase, overweight age Oh ~ a decent straw bag, it is suitable for temperament elegant girl carry, deep Khaki seems to give a gentle affinity, with a black handle and four corners seem stable, and weaving the lines there are two, very special ~ Jane Bai Ge this weaving small package Xiaobian really Like, in addition to some of the shortcomings are not, the white leather weaving very compact, small practical not strong but really nice to see.

Mixed color woven shoulder bag, the color really do not look better ~ at home silver gray chain, the square line is really not tired of the classic style, and do not pick clothes style, can match! Khaki color woven shoulder bag, of course, are now popular shoulder bag when the shoulder bag used directly in the shoulder, the capacity is not big but the daily use of the street is very convenient, the cortex is very good, there is a small ear can be hand bag Oh ~ White leather woven bag, note that the cortex of the shoulder strap and iron chain interlocking together, not only to meet the chain package of fashion trends, but also to improve the comfort of the shoulder. Comparison of retro shoulder bag, cortical oil easy to clean, the package before the small square cloth buckle a ring and then stitching the belt, looks very special, for hand and shoulder and ok are ok.