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Bag belt Not back on the shoulder that is what the ghost?

Survey shows that the vast majority of girls the first luxury jewelry is not perfume, not sunglasses but bag. Because the girls seem to bag is like a part of the body, indispensable. No matter what age girls, for them, bags are out of indispensable. A fashion bag on the one hand to the overall wear style plus points, you can also put them out of some necessities. Bags and clothing, in fact, there are also a trend, and this year there is a popular fashion bag what kind of bag? Red bag is a popular this year, a bag, I believe we have long seen the major fashion bloggers in the street shot and ultimately, this is the red bag! Square barrels of the package version, fashion and the capacity is also great. Crocodile pattern of leather, lines retro and clear. High-quality leather feel soft, good wear resistance. Fusion elements of the chain, full of fashion. This bag can be portable with a shoulder with the mood of any match Oh.

But this year we do not seem to like a good bag on the shoulders, the shoulder bag kate spade outlet in the hands of random, a lazy random feeling kate spade purses blowing. Car line wheat paste to the overall bag to increase the sense of fashion and suction point, you can adjust the shoulder strap, different ways to explore your backpack. The suede stitching and zipper and the integration of hardware, exquisite with a handsome locomotive wind, small and exquisite bag capacity is enough to install the daily necessities. Stylish pockets of small and exquisite, tied in the waist to release hands, more convenient. Belt can be adjusted, according to their own waist to adjust for their own. Suede material, exudes a touch of luster. Department in the waist kate spade outlet online virtually raised the waist, a good modification of the proportion of body. With skirt pants modeling are full of it!