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Bag strength assists, avatar summer soft sister

Even today all kinds of queen, kate spade sale fairy attack, female and so popular, but still some part of the girl quietly stay in the corner, always be able to arouse people's desire to protect, that is, kate spade sale soft sister family. Compared to other types, soft sister is a too no lethal crowd. But this is the kind of clothes that do not seem to have the power of the chicken, soft sprouting up, but people have no parry of power. Soft sister regardless of clothing and behavior, a bag of embellishment, but also to complete the assists Oh. Bear the brunt of the natural round is a small round, round shape, like soft sister, always let people instantly become cute up.

And the summer itself is the backpack of the season, most of the small package shape will not be too much, back in the side as embellishment will not be too swaggering but also bright enough. As if the soft sister, seemingly insignificant, but in fact it has a people can not ignore the sense of existence it Solid color style is simple, but it is also the most people choose the style, because it is really good with, completely without effort, easy to have a natural beauty. Chic meat pink in the soft sister on the basis of an increase of some gentle feeling, bags on the delicate embroidery is also very popular elements this year. But also with a little Mori style, it is fresh and incredible. Small round bag is very special point is that it chose the suede material, with a unique sense of gloss, but also full of texture. Red is a rabbit shape, loose yellow is swallow design, it is also ingenuity. It is difficult to describe this package is a kind of style, fresh blue above the full of pink print, but the printing and do not have a feeling of Chinese landscape painting. Golden chain with a retro sense of the court, it is beautiful to not.

Many of the soft sister style is the majority of students are students, for the students in terms of the party, more practical some of the bags, none other than the canvas bag friends. Comfortable and breathable canvas is suitable for summer back, or interesting text, or a lovely pattern, canvas bag is very close to the people's attitude but can create a very soft sister style. Not only that, it can become the best way to promote their own style of choice Oh. Mention the summer, naturally will think of the ice watermelon. Small and exquisite watermelon printing with letters embellishment, simple, but also good enough. As a canvas bag, practical nature is essential, this canvas bag can not only shoulder, you can also hand or Messenger, enough to facilitate your life. There are seven different colors, I believe there is always you love. A canvas bag, if you want to go out to play it will be a good choice. Do not think it is very common, the bag above the ear design is enough to make people shines, soft sister wind full of it