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Bags are not many, afraid not enough tide, easy to take a sense of fashion

Our school bags to the high school until the college entrance examination is still carrying the moment, you do not tired kate spade bags of the school bags are tired! On the university before we are good girl, every day can only listen to the words of father and mother, honestly back to school bags, bag filled with books, summer is really stuffy and hot ah, on the University of our first step , Out of school bags, back Messenger bag shoulder bag Messenger bag small and exquisite, but also special wild, go out to the shoulders of a back, you can lightly battle, the United States and the United States to go out, rather than go out or back a big bag, plus If it is petite sister, it is like a heavy shell of the snail, or imagine you put on a beautiful dress but back a heavy bag, that affect the appearance of ah! So, the United States and the United States and the small side of the package that debut ~ but so many small bags, as the student party, after all, we have limited capacity, can not all buy, this time we have to pick those wild and practical small bag, what Kind of bag wild practical?

As a girl out of the bag too much impact on the overall shape, too small a lot of things are not fit, so it must choose a medium size bag, and we need a can be installed lipstick, powder, sunscreen and other cosmetics There are umbrellas, paper kate spade outlet online towels, wipes, wallet PU texture is not easy to scratch, soft leather cuff holding a comfortable feel, the middle of the diamond into a bag of bright spots, retro elegant back, with a zipper inside the dark bag can put Valuables put that, anti-theft Oh, the bag inside the capacity is also great to meet the basic needs of the out, with three straps can be free to adjust the back of the way, you can make Messenger or shoulder style Oh, put on a set Casual clothes back on the bag, the young man is also young ~ pink is the symbol of the girl's heart, every girl's heart are living in a small pink powder princess, but we can not put on a set of all the powder clothes Go out, this will make people feel particularly loaded, this time a pink bag will be able to meet our full of girls heart of the multi-functional bag

Bag in the middle of the small elephant badge retro fashion, metal elephant zipper head is very cute, small elephant lining echoes fresh and lovely, the edge of the hollow and add a trace of elegance, the bottom of the anti-wear nail to prevent the bottom of the bag leather Wear, the back of the pocket can be decorated with a small change or bus card, usually out to easily come up with high-quality hardware deduction and strong magnetic, security, security, leather fabric kate spade sale wear and tear, shoulder strap can also be free to adjust Oh, put on a sweet Of the Princess skirt coupled with a pink tender bag, today you are a little princess cartoon bag is not just looks sweet and lovely little LORI standard, those light Mature can also be back, back you will feel His young ten years old, the mentality is not the same, cartoon bag hand is really very young, back it is also super ladies with high quality buckle, excellent gloss, gently buckle can, simple and convenient, cartoon The dog pattern cute generous, fine workmanship, add popular elements Makarong, so that the whole bag are fashionable up, PU material wear-resistant look, go out and put on a skirt or cattle Pants, and then back the package that will not feel unexpected Oh retro bag is not picking people, whether you are a lady or Mature are indispensable to a bag, ladies back more mature and mature, Mature Back full of gas field, retro style is how the back will not be outdated it