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Both the value and will not hit the small crowd who are

Every woman likes to pack, every woman will not be too much bags, those bags of the fighter can not afford to buy, fake rotten street, how can we meet when the sisters stand out? In fact, do not have to buy a super big name is called fashion, a lot of niche designer brand not only fashion style, quality clearance, and the price is also very breath. Breaking the ordinary version of the bag, a bit like a camera bag with a retro taste, this series of colors a lot of material is also a lot of bright skin also have matte skin stitching, the color from the retro to the girls have the feeling. Four corners are wrapped very well, so that this bag wear a very strong, very kate spade sale durable, nude color was very tender and very temperament, although the mini models but put down the goods must be no problem, tight With the trend of the sister who can not miss a. In addition to the camera bag, I also like dumpling bag series, water blue tender girl heart bursting.

Shape is close to the hexagon is also the origin of the name of the hexagonal bag, bulging very cute, matte texture texture is very good, although it looks small but the capacity is very large, practical, Can be shoulder, concave shape necessary. Fashion up to people love the black, really casually wear what style clothes with this bucket bag is not violated, handsome cool, casual all won. Bag leather delicate and shiny, light brown color is very temperament is also very wild, if you do not want black, then the color is very appropriate, gentle and graceful, shoulder strap can be adjusted according to need, bag capacity is large but not Weight and deformation. In addition to the classic bucket series, round bag series is also very nice, very personal appearance, even if there is no pattern, as long as the hands of the back to keep the high rate.

Very simple atmosphere of a bag, a large flip can play a decorative role, but also to ensure the safety, there are drawstring can be closed, soft leather people on the back to put it down, bag thickness when the shoulder Not because it is too thick and not comfortable. Round the shape of the roll so that this package is very cute, jelly bag gloss is very good spring summer is very conspicuous, two long leather zipper to the bag to do a very good decoration, rose purple is very temperament, travel shopping kate spade sale Are very appropriate. In the bag design neat combined with a wealth of colors and popular lines, coupled with a unique metal embellishment, the performance is extremely refined and elegant, is designed for life-rich women who design luxury.

Criss-cross the kate spade outlet online pattern of elegant pattern with a sense of fashion, wide the bottom of the design so that this bag a lot of capacity, exquisite tassel with LOGO decoration to this bag to increase the design sense, the internal contains dark bags, things Classification is very user-friendly.