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Buy a package to pay attention to this 3 points, including your back and full of Xian Qi!

Many girls choose a bag when very tangle, do not know what kind of package in the end it is better, in fact, what is the difficulty, but need to pay attention to the following three characteristics to choose their own bag like, come and see It! Choose your favorite color, bag pattern. This is very important, bags and clothes, belts, shoes, and even scarves or headdress with each other. So the first step to choose their favorite color, pattern. Not limited to the clothes you are wearing to match, you can also buy clothes, or home has some clothes or other stuff to match. Ms. bag is very wild, leather backpack simple retro, full of fashion sense. Inner walk are two lines, the inner layer of cloth is thicker, the quality is very good. The compartment is also more, the key is to put more things can not see. Leather bag is a shoulder bag, simple small square bag full of retro, this leather bag a lot of color, leather is very soft, which is also enough sandwich, hardware is also very elegant, shoulder strap can be adjusted. Messenger bag style, the first layer of cowhide production, all kinds of colors are wild atmosphere, cortex thick enough, inside the quality Ye Hao. Cortex is very soft, inside the work is also very good alignment. Bag space is quite big, summer put some daily necessities completely enough.

Choose styles and kate spade outlet sizes. Speaking of style, it is more, but it is easy to choose. First is ready to choose the satchel, handbag, shoulder bag, dual-use Messenger bag, backpack, purse, chest bag which one inside. And then the specific choice of the details of the type, such as the length of the bag belt, the pattern is suitable for their own, the package is suitable for their own hardware and so on. After that is the size of the bag. The size of the bag is very important. View the bag of the work of this part is divided into many aspects, pull a pull to see if it is easy to track, with or without balance, suture whether loose, skew, skin wrinkles, handle, buckle and other hardware Strong, with or without large scratches. As well as the function within the package are complete, such as cell phone bags, bags, bags and other kate spade purses documents, the general high-end bags are with documents bag. At the same time kate spade purses many high-end bags of the lining are more solid, durable, and feel Ye Hao, but also no smell. In addition, for the bag zipper, to check in particular ah, in many cases, the zipper pull bad, have their own money to repair, this repair has become the old package, and not repair it can not be used, but unfortunately.