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Clever mix, the most practical bags and clothes color matching skills!

Black bag is basically wild all the color So when kate spade sale you do not know what to take the bag to choose black must not be wrong. Body color is relatively bright, with a black bag to sum up is more likely to highlight the temperament of a good way! And black and white with such low-key color with the people will give a very pure feeling! Some not too good to take the color with a black bag to the perfect transition. Who wear very flowers, more color when a black bag is the most insurance. Bags and clothes were the same color or near color, deep and shallow with the way you can create a very elegant feeling, when the body more than one color, choose a color echo. With the printing time is the same, such as the following figure in several bags are and clothes in a color echo, so put up very harmonious. Wear colored stripes when remember, bag stripes and clothes stripes will be harmonious and elegant. Of course, you can also like the above, select the stripes in a color to echo.

Neutral color refers to the black, white kate spade sale and black and white to reconcile the various shades of different gray series, neutral color does not belong to the warm tone is not cold, usually people feel pure. Yellow special lively and dazzling and neutral colors can really be a very color. The most eye-catching match than hit the color match, it will tell you, will be more people who will color control amazing. Advanced fashion, hit the color must learn Oh! Say that since the ancient red and blue CP, whether kate spade handbags it is red clothes with blue bags, or blue clothes with red bags, are eye-catching, and a white.