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Clothes hood new season to see what simple and considerable bags

From the seasonal restrictions of the United States, but at any time are looking for the discovery of good things, to avoid complex modification and style restrictions, is to ensure that the bag durable and versatile premise, everyone in the long-term use of the formation of their own Pick the package experience, in the classic + moderately designed + details of the direction of inspection under the guidance of what the old wedding season will make people shines. Now is the small package of the world, its advantages to carry light, do not pick good match, fashionable Needless to say, white thin beauty do not usually need to go out with too many things, light and comfortable is the first thing, Can be resolved, so concave package type need to carefully selected, bright color and a little design style will make people memorable. Geometric metal ring comes with industrial colors and modern properties, used in the package is an excellent modification, both out of the tough style can be in the shape of the soft elements, but also for the hands of the handle can be described as multiple purposes, if only Metal ring + base color is a typical Scandinavian cold wind, coupled with bright colors after the tassel style more lively, is simply lit fog in the small lights.

Good bag must be in the right mix and not play between the clever balance, in the tone of the body shape to play icing on the cake, rather than pull low grade, fight color flip kate spade handbags package two-color gradient soft intellectual, modeling and design Prominent, paper clips also add elegant taste and wonderful meaning. Or can be called pillow bag or Boston bag, elegant and stable shape, three-dimensional sense of strong can be installed, it is also very Fan, small area of ??metal can also light the whole, classic wild solid color, are high daily utilization and When the key words. The saddle package is almost the same, the streamline is beautiful and rich kate spade outlet online in level, the style is lively and romantic and there is no lack of intellectual independence, lawful but unique charm, classic color interpretation vintage college style, kate spade bags light color is the release of youthful sweet temperament.

Modeling like a small box, with "belly capacity" simple appearance, delicate texture to the simple shape Buzhi Yu boring and given a new style, gradient animal texture with the slightest wild uninhibited, to add personality to the shape Modern sense. From the color to the details are intriguing, not popular restrictions often accompanied by the left and right, the overall neat no extra design, and can not emphasize the curve of the monochrome clothing to create a very simple style, a simple back like time to stop. Small backpack liberation of both hands, clamshell lace design light and stylish, simple and three-dimensional shape is a package can be installed, the size of the match to a variety of height, the campus arts and fashion Fan street fashion are applicable, very good to take a few kate spade bags colors , Only a simple texture can only be achieved without fear, light into battle to open a new journey.