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Come take a look, the boys can not take the few pairs of winter shoes

With a single product in the most important? Men's single product is not much type, can only be fixed in the style to find a different design, in terms of style is a good choice of the problem, I think men in the match Shoes is a very important point, often I go to see a person with the time, the first to see is the shoes. From the choice of this person can see the style of his walking, and its taste, some people like all kinds of big shoes, some people like simple and clean shoes, which in fact can express a person's character , And in the winter with, I think there are five shoes is absolutely indispensable. The feeling of movement every year to maintain a high degree of heat, there are always a few cutting-edge influx of people every year to maintain the love of sports shoes, so that sports shoes style design is ever-changing, regardless of street shooting, or In the show, you can see you love for him, especially with a coat with sports shoes, can be described as both fashion sense and comfort

With a coat with a sports shoes when you can use a lot of suitable for the winter accessories, gloves, winter hat, scarf, not only increase the warmth of the effect, but also make the overall change with more Aspect, not monotonous boots this year has become A few popular lof is a popular style, but this year, the height of the shoes began to rise, we also shelves a lot of style boots, kate spade handbags like the first time, we have a lot of boots, Chelsea boots, desert boots, are often the object of choice. I personally recommend that the style of the shoe boots do not need too thick, or will be awkward, and the best choice of rubber soles will be more comfortable

Chelsea boots is a very high cost of shoes, is also popular with this year's style, not only high comfort, and this kind of shoes with any style of clothing no problem this year, as before, also barefoot shoes that array of tide It has been slowly passed, and this year on the popular variety of socks, but like my habit of not wearing socks, people do not want to put on do not want to expose when the Chelsea boots can help you hide well To talk about the classic and fashion, desert boots is considered a classic style, like Chelsea boots on the more people to wear, but the desert boots, absolutely count on the general public can control the practical shoes

Desert boots of the iconic elements: shoes in front of the two holes and rubber soles. Regardless of work, or go on vacation, can be used as a classic desert boots with shoes and if it is with light-colored trousers, then, can reflect with a sense of leisure, but it will not seem random regardless of cowboy, or khaki tooling leisure, These are actually the design of the desert boots and the direction of response.