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Early autumn bag with elegant, elegant charm is too attractive

Early autumn is still the tide woman to show off the beautiful time, in addition to the body with a beautiful, a beautiful bag is equally important, do not think that a bag back can be a good mix with you. Xiaobian recommended below 8 bags, elegant and simple charm. Bag is very consistent with the elegant autumn temperament, the highlight is the metal knob, modeling is very chic. Hardware and leather materials combined, the process is more elegant. Large metal buckle occupy most of the bag layout, both simple and elegant. Hardware is made of custom rose gold, very immortal look good. Shoulder strap connection to add two small hanging ears, more design sense, but also increased the feeling of a bit cute. This bag is very temperament, elegant and fresh, people can feel the coolness of the fall. Scrub and leather stitching, very layered, very rich. Leather made of the lock, coupled with smooth car suture, so that the design sense of the bag has also been reflected. Highlights also lies in the towel on the bag tassels, so that the bag is more design sense, the perception is also more abundant, small bag, but the collection of a lot of beautiful elements, people dazzled.

Fresh and eye-catching color design, to your kate spade bags shape icing on the cake, the United States to bubble Oh ~ and Founder of the package with the right, that is not mediocre, and will not exaggerate, a kind of a sense of harmony and fashionable, Made a dark bag design, with the black cortex, and in the material of the soft sense, adding a sub-atmospheric texture, an additional plus a small button, to the bag into a trace of new sense of vitality. Simple atmosphere-based, pure color Baoshen addition to cover a little hit color, to break the simple sense and very style, candy color hit the color and look playful sweet, suitable for every little fairy Oh. Satin may be a perfect interpretation of the charm of women, noble, mysterious, sexy, enchanting, thick feminine low-key to show off. Although this series is not the source of their own vegetables, but also to do to my baby, satin + diamonds + ladybugs, set temperament and grade in one, to be a feminine woman, Retro atmosphere of a small side of the package, this design is really good special, a kate spade sale glance at the fancy, in the streets of small square package of the world, no special characteristics really can not live the rhythm. Asymmetric hood design, derived from the envelope of the concept of inspiration, and no more complicated decoration, simple, thought, is a good design!

Very unique atmosphere of a small package, so three-dimensional version of the full version like a small box, rivets and lock the decoration, really particularly unique retro, upper body you understand why the unique style and so wild than picky, and the more Look more beautiful. Mini-organ packs boom, swept the fashion circle, beautiful personality fashion color, bold and eye-catching, simple package models, coupled with rich three-dimensional texture of the hardware, and instantly enhance the fashionable bag, so you kate spade handbags have a pleasant surprise rate