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Elegant fashion saddle bag, shine out of your most charming style

Yes, this is the hot season saddle bag - SaddleBag! As the name implies, the saddle bag because and the horse's kit is like a name, retro half-moon package with simple rounded design lines, coupled with clamshell and buckle classic combination, handsome and elegant perfect fusion. Saddle bag simple and practical shape is also in line with the current "frigid" trend, suede saddle bag into the tassels and knitting elements become somewhat different, and rich Bohemian wind blowing; metal chain Chain and serpentine so that the saddle bag becomes more modern, saddle bag in the autumn and winter this year, the heat is still not diminished! Wide leg pants chic with sex and saddle bag temperament coincide, is definitely a good partner! And then with a loose shirt or sweater, do not want to modern! Jeans should be every girl's wardrobe has a single product, shoulder or hand carry saddle bag than the Messenger can add a sense of sensitivity. With lace dress to pay attention to the choice of color, the best choice for a single color bag. In addition to lace skirt, knitted skirt, skirt and saddle bag can also be unlimited Match, easy Get American small fresh.

From the Bohemian retro style, whether it is fresh and casual, stylish and handsome or sweet and lovely, can control. Soft grain cowhide, soft and soft, flexible and flexible, the use of woven hand-woven techniques, with a unique shoulder strap knot personalized fashion elements, beautiful and engaging. Classic tassel accessories, drape full, straight and orderly. Retro style, full of saddle bags, eye-catching, bronze metal chain with PU kate spade purses material Baoshen, design sense, a sense of hierarchy, the use of compartment design, easy to carry items, practical, Feel soft fabric, full of texture, with a small hair ball ornaments embellishment, to add a taste of retro taste a lovely atmosphere. To symbolize the harmony, happy round for the inspiration, the design of this retro art Fan, color round saddle bag, even more personality, the choice of solid color leather leather, unique round with a cool color fight color, fashion In a little forest of literary and artistic Fan, bring kate spade outlet you charming temperament. Simple and generous version of the type, highlight the texture, the second layer of palm quality to create high-quality leather, full of shape, the use of handmade sandpaper polished and then coated, wrapped body texture of the metal buckle design, let our daily out, more than a safe Feeling, Messenger shoulder, go vacation or work date, can easily control.

Retro wind shoulder saddle bag, classic externally, exquisite detail, can be described as added to the bag an elegant temperament, exquisite texture, enhance the taste of the bag. Handmade tanning material, soft and comfortable, durable. Simple shape, not too much decoration, retro style full of clothes with a very wild. Distributed romantic style, fashion wild Lingge package, to fine neat car line, patchwork, to create elegant fashion Ling check. Night in the dazzling lock, just like the little stars of the night, emitting a shiny shiny, criss-cross in the Ling Ge embellishment, restore the original fashion appearance.