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Fashion men wallet, advancing with the times to do taste the man

Women love the United States more love bag charm, then a career booming man, but also inseparable from the package embellishment. And the best embodiment of the taste of men and extraordinary identity of the bag, not a backpack and handbag, but "wallet" for your face, and quickly look at this few popular wallet, so you more type, to enhance the charm of men , Wallet is also a man's personal items, the value must not be cheap. Warm brown fashion atmosphere, is the elite men must choose. Leather material, feels very feel, good texture. Contains a number of cards, can store a variety of items. Crocodile skin material, simple atmosphere, highlight the texture. Zipper part of kate kate spade bags spade bags the use of advanced metal materials, enhance the grade. Package size just right, do not take up space. Black simple atmosphere, high quality pu material looks very grade. Inside the color has a variety of options, from the outside, add a lot of fun. Leather wallet, is the taste of men's first choice. English letters as embellishment, adding a bit of atmospheric fashion, very special.

Retro leisure package, simple retro bag models, Baoshen the use of exquisite hand-woven process design, derived from the Italian heritage process, the use of high-quality leather stitching, delicate soft even more sense of quality. Long wallet, selected high-quality first layer of cowhide fabric design, clear and stylish texture, with a simple shape, by each gentleman's favor. Personality double zipper opening and closing, reasonable layout more practical. Men's clutch, flexible wrist strap into the more protection, so that more than a bag of the choice of hand bag. The internal layout is reasonable, how many cards and compartment design, simple and kate spade handbags practical models.