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Fashion wild small package, simple low-key small publicity!

Back a small side package, will become kate spade bags an advanced fashion beach-goers. From school to go to school, and then take the model street shoot, never less is a suction eye of the packet, not too much publicity, but always with your wear to produce a different chemical reaction! Shoulder bag with the art of women's wind dress, take you right into the early autumn of the road to beauty. Occasionally with some simple shirt dress is also full of ladies Fan! Simple not publicity, but also ultimately, small square bag embellishment! Messenger bag with the rate of jeans, handsome, with the effort and practical small square bag, street shooting Fan Qiang not broken! Paint the metal kate spade outlet online buckle and hit the color of the trip with twisted ornaments are eye-catching personality elements, this design is very special, and each color plugs hit the color effect is not the same. Delicate soft leather, upper body is very extra points. Fine workmanship in every detail to seek a perfect, neat car suture line clean and tidy, retro hardware gold package more grade and texture. Classic single product never out of date, three-dimensional cut lines smooth and full package type is very wide type. Back out absolutely fashion full.

Simple and curious square outline, showing a handsome style of modern, with a large metal flash lock, interpretation of the trend of refusing to follow the trend of new ideas. Low-key color hit the full impact of the metal elements, like the inside of the soft woman, insist on live their own wonderful. Although petite, but delicate to impeccable. Not too much modification, refused to vulgar, refused to show off, while still with personality. In any occasion are manifested casual casual. Fabric selection matte PU, matte leather soft and delicate, there is texture! Baoshen equipped with the old bronze lock and covered with metal corners of the wide shoulder strap, but also stick bar da. Important is the color, especially handsome, especially when the Messenger. Bag practicality is very good, there are three sub-compartment design, a gold zipper with a layer, very easy to use. Long fabric cycle, good texture, back to highlight the temperament. This bag, that package ... too many bags popular for a while, the next quarter was immediately forgotten, and the square package classic, is never out of date. But a little personality of the girls, at least have a small hand to get a small bag, custom lock decorated in the package body, how to see will not feel monotonous, and practical period of it. Classic simple cast a fashion wild, every time out of the street do not have to worry about with the mix.

Simple and curious square silhouette, showing a modern handsome style, with a shiny metal lock, interpretation of the trend of rejection of the new ideas. Low-key color hit the full impact of the metal elements, like a soft inside just unyielding woman, insist on living to their own wonderful. Integration of superb technology and now design, highlighting the creativity and personality. Beyond the age and season, can be free to match. Exquisite workmanship, modeling is also very beautiful, hardware accessories shiny fine, khaki color out of color, retro trend of color, personality lock element is very fine! Let you fall in love. High-quality PU material, waterproof anti-oil, while focusing on appearance, but also to create high-quality internal. Do kate spade handbags not look at this bag looks very small, but the capacity is not vague, you can put cosmetics, wallets, paper towels, keys, mobile phones, etc. to put, take time is also very convenient. A very innovative lock small square bag, with a trace of cold wind, but also bright spots full. Deliberately made the old metal buckle, portable and shoulder strap metal chain decorated with full of pride and taste. Simple and generous style by the pursuit of fashion up to people. Inside there are two partitions, but also particularly intimate design of the phone bag, metal buckle is used in hardware with zinc alloy, solid color is not easy to decolorize, in short, very good. Back it, show aristocratic temperament.

Ring art fashion small square bag, simple package with fashion ring, for this bag to give a new definition. Baoshen using high-quality leather, feel fine, good wear resistance, breathable soft and delicate highlight the quality. Fashion personalized metal ring, good gloss, thick and smooth, not rust, do not fade. Bags of the internal space design is reasonable, can easily install the phone and other items, inside the material wear easy to care.