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Fine bag, waiting for you to take her away

For the new clothes, standing in front of the mirror and see the heart to see the joy of concealment, may have to go out when they found no pocket can be installed with a mobile phone wallet, this scene really embarrassing! It does not matter, Xiaobian I have for your sister who carefully selected a different pattern of small satchel, all the production of fine, not only practicality is also very good with Oh, waiting for you to take away, ha kate spade sale ha ~ rounded elegant arc body , Accompanied by tough leather simple yet delicate sense of detail, but the super tired, saddle-shaped big gold hand ring, simple and atmospheric and the advantages of retro color is full of mystery, very difficult to fade is not easy to wear, Side of the arc are very beautiful, on the narrow width of the design so that the type of more beautiful, people like the wind Fan. I think wild wild color is suitable for practical large size, Meng Meng da should be different from the eye-catching, single-button buckle shoulder bag is indeed unsafe, but this is a deformable bag, the front of the zipper on both sides Pull in the end, the opening tension can be turned into a small wings, plus bag drawstring seal, both to solve the security concerns will not affect the overall appearance, but also a single shoulder Oh

Founder beautiful trapezoidal package, the appearance of relatively low-key but very practical, rich color is also very good with clothes, shoulder or portable are free to switch, simple design is very nice, and the larger capacity, can fully meet the travel of women Requirements, small objects can be fully loaded into, and even those fashion big coffee are put it down. Silver leather body and custom hardware, made out of the finished texture is great, very modeling but not stiff feeling, loaded with more than enough items, imports of imported shoulder strap let your shoulder OR portable arbitrary, very common A set of clothes with the bag will come with handsome free and easy. The fabric is made of high-grade sheepskin and the first layer of oil wax, this bag to break the traditional form of bag back law, you can carry their hands, you can also cross on both sides of the left and right shoulders, savory and clean and easy to take, bags and can move In the chest kate spade handbags to protect Kazakhstan, anti-theft steal grab UP! But also when the shoulder bag or diagonal cross, of course, can also be used as a shoulder bag Oh, the chain has six holes can be adjusted length of the length. This is a plastic plastic shell, you installed more things will not be deformed.

Small backpack feeling back kate spade handbags out is particularly eye-catching, because the shape is too good to see, both by age and very fashionable one, I see at first glance love put it, Meng sister will like, shopping dating are special Shaped red and black, the shoulder strap can be adjusted length, the package is made of stiff type, is particularly high quality comfortable leather material, very texture, to meet the daily needs of the out. Bag very wide sense of very good, not easy to deformation, the fabric is PU, but do not lose the texture of the cortex, the surface there are delicate texture, feel very comfortable. The bag is the same color of the suede materials, hardware are also custom bronze, and leather with a very coordinated, and some retro quality.