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Fine package, there is always a section of your food!

Summer wear skirt days so much, a nice bag this time it is particularly important. The charm of the bag is not only in its convenience, but also because it can create a unique beauty. Different types of bags can give you a different feeling, want a modern retro style? Or fresh cute girl wind? No problem, there are. Europe and the United States mini jelly package. To talk about Europe and the United States, or the most feel the edge of the package. Buckle and chain of metal texture, retro and elegant taste filling, as usual banquet, business, or travel, this package is undoubtedly the most practical wild. Jelly pig bag, a little cute bag, but with a smooth leather, it looks so a trace of elegance. Smooth and simple lines, rounded package type, not only large capacity, with a skirt, more highlights your perfect temperament Oh

Lychee fashion elegant, with white and brown, suitable for those who have entered the workplace or a little small gas kate spade bags field of girls, the bag is also the capacity of the lever, hand strap and metal design perfect combination, looks more style. Really is a simple fashion bag, cross-shaped square design simple in a little personality. Car suture fashionable, making the black bag does not look so monotonous, with a zipper, carrying a more stylish, is also more secure and convenient. Simple lock small square bag, always fashion darling. Three-dimensional package type, with elegant kate spade handbags fashion printing, looks elegant feminine full. Color with a color, retro style highlights the most vividly. Solid color kate spade outlet bag is synonymous with elegance, whether it is from the gas field or shape, are so simple atmosphere, bean sand color bag with a retro personality lock, solid color more atmosphere, casually ride, is the elegant woman Fan.

Wide shoulder strap this year is very popular, the streets of the degree of waves blowing a wave of shoulder belt. This bag is different from the general place is that it hollow metal buckle, bag itself exquisite elegance, domineering side leakage.