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girl! Did you go out with a wallet?

girl! Did you go out with a wallet? See this topic, both boys and girls, will not consciously think about it. This eternal topic, it seems that every one just love between boys and girls will be such a problem. In the past, we all think that boys pay this to reflect a gentleman's degree, kate spade sale and to the late, with the emergence of more and more independent girls kate spade sale now, girls are beginning to take the initiative to pay, and even appear to grab a single now more and more The more girls, do not rely on their own girls, and to avoid the initiative to pay this step. In fact, take the initiative to pay, in the course of the exchanges between boys and girls, or let the boys admire, many people have a misunderstanding of this understanding, that is often only from their own point of view to analyze each other, but did not think, Also want to know what kind of girl you are. So, the girls! Not just you are judging others, others are judging you! Remember to bring your wallet next time!

Choose what kind of wallet, this can be based on personal character to decide, what style is you, you choose what kind of wallet! The other side can also from your wallet to see your taste, and personality. Say that the two is a very important thing between the character, to see a person's wallet is like what you know what type of girls it! Cute girls do, choose the wallet to meet their own personality characteristics of it! If you are lively and lovely character, but choose the cold and cold type of wallet, which obviously people can not read! So, you choose the wallet to suit your style. Mini of a personalized bag, very charming color, suitable for lively and cheerful girls, the color kate spade sale is very fresh, but also meet the aesthetic of female friends, gives a vibrant feeling. Fresh and romantic girls, naturally in the choice of bags, pay attention to color, version of the type of selection, the pattern must be a bag style, you can show the girl's romantic sense of the bag.

Printing a cowhide hand bag, fashionable color spray, classical Jiangnan style, showing a strong literary style, temperament and very feminine. Generally cold and noble girls must be the type of dress. So, when they choose jewelry bags, the basic to take the cold tone, but also very personal. Therefore, the cold and cold high-type girls generally give people the feeling is difficult to close, so it looks texture, appearance, exquisite wallet is the first choice for high-cold girls Oh! Also reflects their taste and fashion. Flowers checkered wallet, white gray checkered design, adding fresh and elegant flowers, flew people add a temperament elegant feeling, suitable for quiet girls.