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Girls wrapped in things divided into five grades, see you is the first few levels?

The best way to learn about girls is from her bag. Every woman will go out with a bag, the bag which contains almost all the girls secret, if you want to know a woman's heart, then you just look at her bag will know. Different girls' bags will have different items, so we can divide girls into five grades. Mobile phone, wallet, key. Female man with the standard, think we are from the female man over ah. Blue and black hit color retro handbag, summer come, wearing a simple and thin, so simple outline clear outline of the messenger bag, is the most suitable with the. Ordinary packet is not enough out of color, to hit the color element it, not the same color combination of new spark. Paper towels, lip balm, hand cream, hair ring general small girls out of the necessary list, say that girls do not go out with paper towels is a female man, if the girls commonly used in the lip balm, hand cream and hair ring and the like, Neighbors sister's image is not vividly out of friends. The average girl to go out to eat a meal lipstick certainly fell almost, the face of the makeup will appear over time with the flower makeup has been off powder powder situation, this time on the need for timely makeup, and if the activities in the outdoor, Sunscreen is also essential skin kate spade bags care steps, in order to sunscreen effect of the sunscreen is also very necessary to make up the sun is also very necessary Oh. There are dating when the hair chaos how to do? kate spade sale Do you catch your fingers? Of course, to comb it!

Three or more different colors of lipstick is to cope with different occasions, as a beauty of course must be prepared. So that their image is perfect at all times, foolproof. Wet paper towel is to wipe the dirt produced in a variety of circumstances; breath freshener is necessary for others courteous behavior, eating something mouth odor is not very good Oh. Sunglasses and parasols are necessary for outdoor activities.

Exquisite and elegant woman will not be waiting for the time when the boring mobile phone, or desperately brush this friend circle, but will be quietly reading waiting for someone to appear, as if the surrounding noisy and their own has nothing to do. Perfume is their essential embellishment, elegant women always have their own taste. They are the pursuit of a perfect class of people, if the day there are embarrassing problems need to cover, they will bring a carry mask, a delicate woman will not allow themselves to have a trace of imperfections.

Say a woman on the quality of life to pursue how kate spade bags to see her bag to know. Bags are a must for women, every bag inside a woman's inner world. We can look at their own control, in the end which belongs to their own level?