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Handy oblique handbags young and beautiful!

Bag, gift bag is an indispensable part of daily life, often can show a person's taste. Bag design, more and kate spade bags more businesses to promote the sale of advertising carrier, but also one of the means of advertising brand clothing. Handbag design, at least clear three points: First, the brand's kate spade purses temperament how to show, simple fashion or traditional classical? Second, the brand LOGO how to reflect, advertising language, design and font design integration; Third, the bag of materials and specifications, technology and so on. Bags and clothes were the same color with a deep shallow way, you can create a very elegant feeling, such as: dark brown suit + camel bag. Bags and clothes can also be a strong contrasting color, which will be a very eye-catching with the way. For example: black suit + red belt + red bag + black high heels. That is, neutral color clothing with embellished color bag, so with you will be very good, such as: camel dress + sky blue bag + camel high heels. White bag - bright, peaceful, pure handbag can be used with the color of clothes - can match all colors.

Gray bag - mature neutral color can match with any color. Coffee and beige bag - mature, sophisticated, serene (cold rice, warm rice) can match the color of clothes - basic color (black, white, gray, blue). Blue bag - deep + mysterious quiet, refreshing, sensible, deep. Can match the color of clothes - basic color white and black (bag, shoes). Deep blue bag - yellow, red. Passionate and vibrant colors can match the color of the dress - orange and yellow colors; with basic colors, white, black, green, all kinds of blue pattern clothing. Elegant colors, women like, but it is difficult to match the color can be used with the clothes color - the same color shades different purple; black, white, yellow, gray.