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How much do you know about the small details of the bag?

For women who have in-depth study of the fashion that people believe that every woman is kate spade purses essential to life essential goods, every woman would like to buy as many packages as possible to meet their usual match, so many women The bag is a certain number of bags, bag maintenance is necessary for the maintenance of the bag, many women are very good at the line, but understand the bag after the maintenance of knowledge, but also to understand how to collect. How to collect the season bag? In the season or long-term do not use, the bag must be sorted before they can be collected. Should be the first bag after cleaning in a cool place to dry, put a layer of leather protective agent before the admission, and in order not to make the bag deformation, in the inner layer into the plain fabric to maintain bag shape. In the storage before the first clean its leather, and the bag should be put into a clean shredded paper or kate spade handbags cotton shirt to keep the shape of the bag; and then put the bag into a soft cotton bag, the bag should be avoided in the cabinet improper Of the extrusion and deformation. Paper filler can not be used for a long time to prevent dampness from causing pests. The bag should be placed in the desiccant (moisture-proof agent) to avoid damp, but to avoid the mothballs or other things with taste together. Some bags will be sold with a dust bag, when the package outside the bag in the protection. Bags must be placed when placed, to prevent mutual staining and friction.

When dirt is attached, gently wipe with kate spade sale an eraser, and finally apply it with a colorless leather paste. White leather bag yellowish, you can use a little toothbrush a little neutral detergent, the entire bag wipe, then sewing part of the old toothbrush to clear. Storage is not buried, please come out regularly so that bags are breathable Oh