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How to clean the running shoes brush uppers

Do not be too frequent shoes. Shoes in the manufacturing process, there will be a rough load volume, that is, when you try on the body of the body feel. After you run through for a while, you will find that because the feet of their own heat and moisture, the shoes will feel a little more relaxed. And every time after washing shoes, will find the shoes seem tight again. Yes, after washing shoes and sun exposure will be more tight after some. This may cause you to change the body feel of the running shoes. So, do not wash shoes too high frequency. There is to try to avoid the sun below the exposure. Do not just wash the socks to forget the insole, the smell of the source, mostly from the insoles on the bacteria. So please remember to wash shoes before, but also the insoles to do another cleaning. Take the shoes away from the insole to wash.

The design of the shoes is not suitable for too much contact with water, so try to wash the shower with the practice of shower. The best way to wash the water is to spray the water on the cleaner after a brush, and then sprayed through the washing and then air-dried. If you think the effect of dry air can be placed in front of the fan blowing shoes are basically the net surface material, when cleaning the upper, use a very soft brush to brush the upper, can not use very hard Brush, otherwise the shoes hurt a lot. If you really want to wash very lazy, then you may choose the washing machine, it is best not to do so, because this practice will actually break the life of running shoes. But if you want to adhere to the use of washing machines, it is recommended to use the slowest speed and the shortest washing time, in addition to shoes, put a few towels thrown together to wash. Towels will help the washing machine to turn when the running shoes in the drum impact buffer.

After washing the shoes, the effect of air drying usually from the shoe body began to clean, and then arrived in the shoe chamber. But the shoes inside the chamber and the insole is the most easily contaminated bacteria, so in order to optimize the air-dried effect, it is recommended to use the tear off the newspaper to do the filling. Newspaper on the water stains are highly adsorbable, you can quickly put the water inside the shoe cavity dry, reduce the breeding of bacteria. Finally, do not exposure in the hot sun, kate spade outlet online do not exposure in the hot sun, do not exposure in the hot sun. White sports shoes must be covered in a layer of paper on the surface, the sun is color, so that after running shoes is dry yellow color, does not look good.