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Ingenuity quality, handmade wallet play retro fashion

Wallet in the eyes of men, has always been synonymous with fashion and taste, but, used to look at the monotony of the wallet, you want to have a unique charm, it is better to hand wallet, absolute ingenuity, but also to break the rigorous style, easy Fun fashion. Looks like a full of texture of a purse, retro style, edge decorated with fine hand stitch, the outer side of the belt fixed, convenient and practical. The internal multi-compartment card position, easy to accommodate different small items, retro color is more beautiful urban atmosphere of a purse, wallet surface to create a lifelike Koi, meaning Lucky Jin Bao, rich details of the myth of the most vividly show , But also highlight the superb technology. The first layer of cowhide production, more elegant atmosphere, and wallet theme complement each other, exquisite. The use of superb handmade skills to carve the image above the wallet, as an item at the same time, more of a blessing. Selection of the first layer of vegetable tanned leather, supplemented by hand-dyed oil, simple three-dimensional, lifelike, with a copper side of the head like a head of God cut the material, to meet the theme, accompanied by Tibetan Jiugong Buddha card, highlight the overall retro elegant , The bright line to make the quality that is now, zipper closed convenient kate spade purses and practical, the package space is reasonable.

Large capacity and multi-card bit of the design, practical performance is very strong, but also with mobile phone bits, a strong sense of space, handmade exquisite painting, exquisite beast head copper buckle, painted the traditional Tibetan Jiugong gossip decoration , With exorcism of disaster, the effect of lucky fortune. Wallet calm atmosphere, the Koi carved to kate spade outlet the wallet surface, meaning is auspicious Lucky. Pure and exquisite hand to create, color and texture details are showing the perfect visual effects, weaving process to create the edge, more elegant atmosphere, decorated a pure copper Pisces cloth buckle, and wallet theme complement each other, exquisite. The use of the first layer of leather as a wrapping material of this long wallet, to retain a clear and natural texture and delicate texture, supplemented by hand kate spade outlet rub color processing, emitting a rich retro flavor, and the structure is simple atmosphere, very taste. Wallet by hand-carved, made of color, realistic pattern of a single texture from the show, with colorful color, especially eye-catching eye-catching eye-catching. Selected Italian imports of the first layer of leather fabric as raw material, feel soft and big design.