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Ladies long wallet, noble goddess fan

Wallet as our daily necessities, it is not only practical but also the role of foil. Meticulous yet elegant long section of the design, highlighting the temperament of women, so that you become a white rich in one fell swoop, the successful capture of the gods heart. Heart of the sister who do not hurry to start a. Long wallet, card bit elastic degree, high-capacity use of strong performance; inside 10 card slot design to meet the needs of multi-card; built-in layers, convenient storage. Electroplating hardware decoration, improve the durability of the bag, elegant metal is not easy to wear fade. A variety of small bag function partition is very good to help you store items, simple design generous. Libo selection of high-quality polyester, feel smooth, easy to care. Exquisite lotus pattern embossed, retro personality. Imports embossed the first layer of leather, showing a different fashion.

Rough leather texture station line, such as kaleidoscope-like visual impact, neutral color produced a strong contrast, the release of Smart charm. Using hit color design, so that the pendant has a strong visual effects and fashion sense. Brand subtitles bronzing logo, show fine low-key quality. Cowhide wallet, kate spade sale imports of the first layer of leather, pores and leather natural clear visible, feel comfortable, delicate leather. Using high-density polyester and ultra-fiber lining, anti-wrinkle and wear resistance is superb. Corner reinforcement kate spade bags design, more durable. Fillet design, breaking the side of the rigid design, highlight the vitality, without losing the soft. Large capacity wallet, classic Smart logo print light jump, add a bit elegant and romantic. Fabric with PVC, light weight, wear, tear, natural dyes, color fastness, durable. Zinc alloy zipper kate spade sale head, zipper smooth, quality assurance. Natural imported sheepskin, light and soft, natural texture, dull luster, more texture. Lightly reflected, easy to carry. Metal logo, simple atmosphere, enhance temperament. After the addition of mobile phone bag mezzanine, rich storage space. Turner fine, needle shock intentions, highlight the details of fine quality. Banpo decorated family of this wallet, the pattern using laser engraving process and the skin paste process, very layered sense. Exquisite design elegant fashion, full of human feelings, long charm, interpretation of the feminine elegance of the fashionable atmosphere. Custom hardware fastener, wear, gloss lasting, easy to fade. Multi-card for the design, inside the level of clear, free classification of storage items.