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Little fresh canvas shoes to help you easily control the girl wind

Refreshing autumn, a pair of simple and fresh canvas shoes is simply a magic weapon. Can be used for autumn travel, but also for running fitness, the campus is wearing a bit more youthful feeling of youth. Comfortable canvas, simple version and colorful colors make you feel more charming because of it. Three colors with three different styles. Blue and pink with a show of youth flying, the infinite charm of vitality, green and white with the show show the style of girls and feelings, dark blue and red with the show is showing your personal characteristics and personality. No matter which kind, are full of age. Left foot is the snow in the winter of the black hair fluttering Qi Liuhai girl, smiling between the full ladies temperament and quiet feelings; right foot is the same snow days were piled up pure white bear. Two hand-painted pattern stitching together, is a magnificent, lovely and warm painting ah

Simple and comfortable a pedal, soft and comfortable pine cake, pure white show pure lady temperament of the fabric, printed with a simple hand-painted pattern: left and right feet each have a elk, deer body brown, noble eyes and Elegant, quite a bit tall and dark. Put it absolutely to keep you up and down. Delicious watermelon has the most distinct colors: light green and dark green color intertwined melon skin, bright red filled flesh and black tea watermelon during the mix, make it look attractive. If it is printed in kate spade handbags the form of hand printed on the light canvas shoes, will be fresh and pleasant.

The popularity of the ice cream color, which is greatly increased and does not fade away, is seen by the hue of various ice cream clothes, pants and shoes. This fresh and elegant mint green is nothing more than one of the most popular colors, with it in the fall you can also beautiful infinite Oh! Like camouflage pattern, simple black and white color, make this one pedal look though simple But full of personality. Whether it is jeans or skirt, it will never be with the wrong. White heel design with black main colors of the shoe body against each other, full of beauty. Seen a variety of simple shoelaces, this shoe has a unique grid design from the wide shoelace must be contrary to your expectations it! White shoes with red and white grid playful and without losing the simple shoelace, plus On the shoes painted on the lovely cartoon image, is the little girl's love Oh