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Messenger bag, good take the new dress to buy

This year, blowing the trend of diagonal kate spade handbags across the packet of wind, whether students or office workers, large and small are carrying a small exquisite diagonal cross bag. The first layer of vegetable tanned leather, green and yellow brown optional, covered with suction buckle + tassel design, open the card after the card and the location of the driver's license, access to goods convenient, small and lovely. Version of the regular size of the patent leather bag, small retro look, really arouses pity, metal chain and cortical shoulder design, carrying it easily will not feel uncomfortable. Pink conventional metal buckle small square bag, looks relatively simple classic, so with the clothes is also very good ride very simple, go out to play with a paper towel phone key what is enough Oh.

Cute cartoon bag, it is in kate spade sale line with the taste of Meng sister Oh, the color of the bag is very low, of course, is the first choice of wild friends, to match the color of a single shirt Oh Retro bucket bag has been popular for a long time friends, very playful girl feeling, bags of tassels rope, retro and with exotic, anyway, is very unique style friends. Paint red envelopes small square bag, look is not too cute, style style are more old, leather buckle design personality retro, with the goddess of the art of temperament Oh Simple leather metal buckle small square bag, the color is orange, so it kate spade sale will be lining color Oh, regardless of the skin of the black sister can be perfectly managed Oh