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Messenger bag, let you travel Qiao Qiao value of a day

People rely on clothing, Buddha by gold. "The new world of the twenty-first century, both men and women are keen on the chaos in the charming eyes of all kinds of clothing in the selection of the two are a little bit different, choose clothes, men love the price of a pair of double More on the floor of the shoes, women are focused on the necklace, earrings such accessories. But one thing is the two have to be the same, out of the house, how can a little better helper: backpack. Student bag is always huge The city elites, the pursuit of simple and compact and can carry the necessary items of the Messenger bag. Men Messenger bag, known as the following, in order to install the equipment; "Ultra-thin personal package gun package." The reason why so self-proclaimed, is the reason for the ultra-thin bag body easy to carry, personal is to prevent theft, digital storage is also to save large backpacks redundant space caused by the cumbersome To the American style of the holster for the inspiration and create a messenger bag shape, to meet the man 's imagination. So Messenger bag, simple and anti - theft, is the city elite men' s fashion preferred.

As the world's first to be created by the multi-functional and customizable storage backpack, it must be extraordinary. Multi-functional storage of the backpack is simple and small, but it can be loaded with the necessary goods, although small enough to install a laptop. This section of the backpack save the extra space, shape and very consistent with the aesthetic of men, presumably men will be eyebrows. Retro, chain strap, square are now women to catch up with the trend of indispensable elements, this simple and lovely messenger bag is the collection of these elements. Retro means full of messenger small square bag, small and large enough space to meet the needs kate spade handbags of ladies, the shape of the box people can kate spade handbags not let go at first sight, bring it like walking in the forefront of fashion. Seemingly small, but in fact have a small capacity can not be overlooked but easy to back. Backpack for the leather handmade, made of fine leather for the body of the Baoshen comfortable touch. This messenger bag with a retro color and the old style of the lines, so that backpackers seem art and personality, this trend with the years out of the phase will not be out of date, is a good choice of urban fashion elite ladies.

Small messenger bag, can hold the phone and other necessary items, can indeed be called in the bustling city of elite office workers a small helper. More and more fashion trend of the design, so that the city elite carrying a Messenger bag at the same time reflect the overall fashion style. After a busy day in the work, sit down for their own selection of a suitable Messenger bag is also a reward for their own, but also in the noisy day looking for quiet.