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More rounded more comfortable, the bag is the truth

Say "no rules not a radius," saying is that there are some truth, but not for the bag. Too stiff, angular lines, but also bring uncomfortable carrying experience. So, sometimes it is kate spade purses necessary to be rounded, so that not only can you live more comfortable, but also by virtue of the unique fresh to win more people's attention. Girls, do not stare at those angular classic style, change the shape of a bag, once again feel the pulse of heart! Talking about mellow bags, naturally have to say that our bucket bag. Bucket bag with a round shape, the kate spade outlet online larger capacity is always let the girls put it down, minimalist design is also the best choice for portability. Although it is not a sudden burst of red style, but from the influx of people kept turning the sign it will see its appearance rate is high, and mini more stylish Oh!

Bucket bag, although the selection of a simple solid color, but a little cold feeling of the wind, while the bag design also added a hot ring element, instantly enhance the degree of fashion. Large-capacity design, but also meet the sister's daily travel needs. To the winter does need a large bag, semi-stereotypes Baoshen, looks great soft, very safe. Baoshen skin stitching to bring a sense of design pure color, kate spade outlet hit the color canvas shoulder strap, but also echoes the overall sense of the atmosphere. Very beautiful and a color bucket bucket bag, using two different colors to do splicing, then drawstring beam mouth way to seal, full of personality and safety. Simple and neat lines throughout the bag, smooth sense of the shape, the design of three straps, a variety of back method can be free to change. Bucket bag Who said it has a round shape, but compared to rounded, round bag is the overlord! Circular package is the main round, Baoshen with solid colors or bright colors to show the former low-light luxury atmosphere, while the latter are often elves eccentric. And from a practical point of view, the shape of the three-dimensional sense of the bag can enhance the volume of both sophisticated and practical both.

Cute small purse But now the darling of the fashion circle, round Baoguan bid farewell to the simple boring, carrying a retro simple attack, reproduce the fashion simple aura. It is tasted with tassel elements, showing a light and agile temperament. Compared to the front of the small round bag, this more personal publicity. Similarly, it is also the shape of a small round bag, compact and lightweight. In the material above, it uses transparent jelly glue, looming internal items, with a fresh texture. Individuality publicity illustration design, add a touch of fun. Very simple a small round bag, Baoshen selected a simple solid color design, with a low-key atmosphere of the texture, and the splicing of different materials, adding a sense of hierarchy. The biggest bright spot is the kate spade outlet design of the metal ring, highlighting the sense of fashion.