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On the wallet, why the rich like long paragraph?

Wallets are something we usually do not care about, but it is the best aid to change your kate spade sale life. Especially in the life of lost time, I suggest you first folded wallet into a long wallet it. Why are the rich using long wallet? First, the wallet reflects a person's way of life. A man with a short wallet will be used to stuff his wallet in his trousers pocket and sit down directly, so that the wallet is not only under the ass but the shape has twisted. Imagine you want to ask the goddess to drink a cup of coffee, pocket from his pocket after the money paid, the goddess will not think that coffee has a smell kate spade handbags it? Secondly, money is spiritual. Treat money just as treat people, let money live the kate spade outlet most comfortable, of course, with a long wallet. The folding wallet is equal to the energy of the money break, the money is folded inside the Biequ, and the thickness is limited, can not put a lot of money. With this wallet, money will not love you! Retro to do the old first layer of leather wallet, low-key color introverted style, fashion sense of bursting, soft leather, work meticulously, both the quality of function and the value of one, is not to be missed a ~

Hand sewing process, anti-oxidation anti-allergic hardware, smooth and smooth high-quality alloy personalized zipper. Very nice looking for a purse. Fashionable wallet is essential for you, the selection of high-quality materials, feel delicate and soft, durable and durable, simple and stylish version of the type, superb workmanship, take out very face. Nice and wild colors, whether it is alone in the hands or on the bag is very good, built a number of card slot, better storage, soft leather, and very comfortable. Very simple atmosphere of a wallet, fashion wild style like people, three-dimensional cut fashion generous, brown wallet was a mature atmosphere, but also more highlights your elegant taste. The first layer of leather wallet leisure card wallet business folder, smooth and smooth surface, no pores and striae, flexible and good permeability, highlight the mature men's fashion trends. The use of high-quality leather production, so that the texture is very soft, very simple atmosphere of the men's hand wallet, go out to wear it to highlight the men's gentleman, more in line with the identity of successful people.