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One minute to learn the bag with

Similar colors with the law: bags and clothes for the same color with the way, can produce a very elegant feeling, such as: brown dress + camel bag. Contrast color with the law: bags and clothes can also be a clear contrasting color, resulting in an alternative eye-catching with the way. For example: white skirt + black leather shoes + white black bag. And clothes color echo with the law: and clothes color, pattern, accessories coordination; such as yellow shirt + lavender skirt + lavender or beige bag. Bag season with the main color coordination, the kate spade outlet online summer bag should be light or light color-based; this will not make people feel and the environment is not coordinated, otherwise it will make people feel garish; summer late out , According to the environment with dark can also, as long as with the right; winter should choose a slightly dark color, and kate spade purses the season to produce a sense of coordination. Spring and Autumn 2 season, basically almost, is more attention and clothes between the mix. Say different occasions to wear different clothes, in fact, bags are the same; for example, to interview a new job, you cross a very loose bag, put in the chest, people feel very simple feeling. At this time should carry the leather slightly hard, do not spend the green type of bag. If you want to go mountain climbing, on the more casual bag on the bag, it seems informal; travel, according to the customer's different, choose a different bag and clothes with. Occasions with the very important, this is not what you leave the brand name can be replaced.

Different age of MM on the fashion point of view is not the same, after 80 and 90 are very different, the style of the bag should be the first and their age match, people will not produce with the feeling of uncoordinated; Even if the bag style is good, the purchase should first consider suitable for their own age. Also consider the depth of bag color and age is not coordinated. Style is kate spade sale mainly reflected in the requirements of the age group, which, most people should feel. Different professional choice of the bag is also different, OL can choose some simple style; this can highlight their own taste; often go out, you can choose some leisure bags, it is more dynamic. If you have to meet customers often or to carry some information, you can choose a practical bag. Here to put forward: to buy their own at least 2 and professional aspects of more practical bags, which for others to improve your overall impression, have a good effect.