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Pig pack giant popular, summer good dress

This year is particularly popular pig bag, are popular by the stars of the airport show popular, we all follow the airport show chase the pig bag, it can not only concave shape can also be installed a lot of small things. Bright red with coffee color, is not very unique, of course, with it from the shape is also particularly beautiful, what leather jacket ah shirt can be equipped with. Retro style bag is very unique style to wear literary style clothes can match it, its color is also very characteristic, back it will look lovely fresh, especially by young people sought after. With a coconut printing of piglets look very cute, very summer taste, back like it asked the taste of the summer warm air, bag buttons is also very simple, things will be very safe to install. Green retro bag look is not very taste, with a coat jacket plus yarn dress, walking on the road you are one of the most dazzling stars, go out must not forget it yo. This bag is a bit partial Europe and the United States, back it simple and generous, the bag can also be a single shoulder, are very nice, the chain is ice to reduce the summer heat.

Pink bag look very cute, style is also very small and kate spade handbags exquisite, whether it is student sister or office workers are like it, take the street to get something can be. Small powder package looks very cute, and the size of the style is just right, it is the chain of metal, so carrying it no longer worry about the summer hot.