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Put on "ballet shoes" you are carrying the little girl heart of the little swan

Is not every little girl has done the princess dream? When we are still girls always willing to show our graceful posture, with a trace of shy, dancing. White skirt spread, elegant and light. At this time, the prince came slowly, holding a bunch of my own roses ~ and so on, is not missing any important link? Look down, yes that is our main today - ballet shoes.

This pair of shoes is not a general reputation, fashion ring fire burst is that this pair kate spade bags of ballet! This is not, Tang Yan and Ma Si pure wearing it elegantly came to us! Ballet shoes first appeared in the 16th century, the first multi-purpose In the design of men's shoes, also known as soft soled shoes. At that time the ballet shoes or with high heel. Because the French King Henry II's wife Catherine De Medici chose to ballet shoes as a wedding shoes, so at that time for a long time, ballet shoes are as a ban shoes, forbidden to wear the public. Until 1681 ballet shoes to regain the freedom to become a female ballet dancers dedicated footwear.

Bow ballet shoes is the most simple style, but not a single. Above the fine butterfly naughty hit a knot. Cute look really like a person never forget! Whether it is the basis of the black, or bright red. Are fascinated by the style it! Bow tie ballet shoes with a variety of types, pants is the influx of people's favorite. Such a leisure style will not make you too little woman heart. But also the daily shoes and equipment. Regardless of the student sister or hot mom can easily control!

Pure white ballet shoes are Mature's favorite. Is the embodiment of ladies temperament! This footwear is full of designers of the respect for mature women, comfortable design with the foot is to give women the best gift of the feet. Girls can also choose to take a little bit of high style Oh! Low-key luxury full of overflow to it! Pure color ballet shoes choose a lot of style, mainly in the choice of color. I remember to put your slender ankle out Oh, so flat shoes will not make you into a small thick legs. You must remember to remember that remember!