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Retro handbag, give you a different kind of color

Since the last two years of kate spade handbags retro style, people's minds of the nostalgic feelings are awakened, a lot of things around also began to think of retro style close, it certainly no one girls favorite bag, a simple bag, and retro meet later, The whole added some different taste. Using the most popular fine leather nowadays, simple yet bright spots. Handle some flip design, but also the characteristics of this bag. Smooth lines, version of fresh and generous. Simple is not simple, the atmosphere without losing the delicate and beautiful, give you a sweet and charming retro fashion sense. Small retro color, Baoshen zipper closure, do not worry about anti-theft problem. Shoulder crosses or knot it, it is very nice. Custom hardware and leather, the market is not above the shape of the metal and high quality pu material. Delicate manual, regardless of the details of the deal or inside the car line are trying to do better, wild and weary. With a retro luxury tone of the bag, the value of the full score, do not need any decoration is very delicate. Retro big boom has been melon kept, regardless of the street or highlight the shape are very taste.

Simple atmosphere style, very wild do not worry about bad with the clothes. Size is moderate, it is suitable for daily use. Do not pick the occasion does not pick people, back kate spade bags in the body to show your unique temperament. Bag texture is very good, small details to do is also very good The appearance of the atmosphere, very wild Cortex is also soft, kate spade handbags looking at the high-end atmosphere on the grade. Texture is very comfortable, excellent quality praise. Full of grade, shoulder, diagonal, are very beautiful, and wild, simply can not even more friends.