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Retro handbags, blowing the elegant feelings of no kate spade bags one can resist

"Retro" is a nostalgic vocabulary of fashion circles. Retro package, add unique charm, hot summer gradually away, early autumn elegant retro wind came one after another. Street wind, retro style, simple wind in creating classic eternal. Retro style to create an elegant you. Street wind show your personality fashion, simple classic fashion fashion wild, suitable for each fashion MM, make your simple retro style for their dress to add. Full of retro charm of the doctor kate spade sale package, package-type three-dimensional small, retro color of the first layer of leather, litchi texture clearly visible, delicate texture feel comfortable, bronze hardware and chic leather buckle design, add a bit interesting and elegant, The whole bag of the crowning touch. Leather square bag, feel soft and comfortable, soft luster, into the soft personality. White lattice hardware bright and light brown small pieces of leather decoration, are the finishing touch. Detachable handle and shoulder strap, back method can be shoulder, portable, Messenger, intimate three bags of large capacity, reasonable layout of the space, the use of flexible, practical, to meet the needs of various occasions.

Pandora bag with lychee furrow layer of leather, not only wear, but also has a good permeability, feel soft and comfortable and type. The overall package type with both sides hit color design, was a square, personality alternative. Custom sweep gold accessories and retro bags shine. Hit the color Pirella card, double-headed zipper, open the bag easy and gas to the decorative effect.