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See how smart women choose their own bags

Go out with a kate spade bags package is the choice of every smart woman, if one day to go out without a bag, it really is a feeling of lovelorn. People the same, a bag for their own will play their own dress up the role of finishing touch. So how to choose their own bags? First, look at the style, the market style of many bags, we must choose their favorite; general preferred bag, handbag, shoulder bag, dual-use Messenger bag, backpack, pockets, chest bag inside a kind. Often bag kate spade sale style is the first to consider before buying the package. Second, look at the size of the bag size also need attention. The size of the bag is very important. Clear their own needs, and then see the size of the bag, online shopping, pay attention to see the reference material. Third, choose your favorite color color is very important, bags and clothes, belts, shoes, or even scarves or headdress with each other. So to choose their favorite color, pattern. Not necessarily confined to your current clothes to kate spade handbags match, but also with you want to buy clothes, or home has some clothes or other things to match.

?Fourth, a clear material requirements of the general bag material there are several: leather, PU, ??cloth, etc., according to their own needs a reasonable choice. PU refers to the artificial leather, leather price is relatively expensive, but feels soft texture, feel good, is also one of the more popular material. Fifth, the package of metal parts on the general low-grade some of the bags of iron, in the high-grade steel is generally the surface is not the same. Finishing a good job, the bag of metal rings solid and hollow, seam and seamless, there is a big gap. So look at the quality of the luggage itself, the metal is a vital part of the hand to feel smooth, Dianqi up texture, fine workmanship belong to the finest.