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Small and exquisite tassels can also carry the banner of fashion circles

Tassel bag can be said to be a lasting product, can be elegant can be sweet can be noble and glamorous, enduring a single product with its unique design concept, with its irreplaceable charm, when the temperament full Full of tassels coupled with small and exquisite bags, give you not the same avant-garde effect. Speaking of tassel bag, saddle bag and tassel combination of the most common, so you have the freedom to feel casual. Wear and bag has a close relationship, when you choose a Sen female Fan bag, choose tassel package quasi-right. Tassel mini small bucket bag. Speaking of fine fine bags, must not be separated from the chic taste of the tassel bag, accompanied by footsteps in the air swaying, accompanied by sweet and lovely colors, the whole people are playing a lot of it, the feeling of the girl Nobody likes it. Oblique tassel chain package. Speaking of tassels, my whole mind is to reflect the delicate, temperament, personality and other terms, leading the trend of the fashion industry tassel bag can be said to be sparkling love, and simple atmosphere of the bag after careful production So that temperament everywhere. Tassels in this life essential elements and a variety of bags combined with no sense of violation after a simple but do not lose the shape of the bag with tassels can be said after the icing on the cake, avant-garde retro style more Is a sub-item. Everyone's wardrobe should have a ring can not stop the suitcase, rounded lines make the bag look a little more calm and not only a sense of sight, tassels to join it a bit more fashionable avant-garde charm, met This bag, purse can be deflated.

The former tassels are too monotonous, so many people think that tassels is an old age to use the elements, and now youthful vitality modeling tassels all over, making this "long bangs" bag swept the world, so girls put it down. Fashion circle is always a reincarnation, a few years ago exaggerated exaggerated elements, the past few years blowing avant-garde tassel, this temperament full of bags I was fancy at first glance, free shape to create The youthful vitality of the style. The past few years what the trend can not shake the status of tassel kate spade sale bags, the use of geometric fight color after the elements, making tassels refined a lot of this bag regardless of style to color are very suitable for young girls back, wardrobe An indispensable bag is it.