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Small bag with big shoulder strap is fashionable, you made it?

Small bag has been the trend of the trend, but the strap is always changing, from the previous chain, to the fine stripe, and then to the double chain, now, wide shoulder strap is king! Wide shoulder strap is not a pattern on the update, for girls friends is also a new experience! Back to the chain of small fairies who know! Chain bag! Have! many! weight! Slightly put something in the inside to carry the brick with the site is almost, there is a boyfriend Fortunately, you can let the boyfriend carrying, no boyfriend's single kate spade purses dog, and sad and hard! Classic kate spade outlet black wild, do not pick the occasion does not pick the style of the most suitable for the novice back! Stop greedy, this most suitable for the ~

Bag in the fairy models, flowers embroidery is the same hot this year, decorative styles, small bags of large capacity, the bag of God! Star Street shooting airport photos can often see a, but also with a queen with a fire, a simple geometric pattern is funny! Retro tone, small package is small, the decoration is big, but it is not obvious exaggeration, which is why? Your own back to know you ~ childlike classic small bag, HOLD live in any occasion, leather material, soft and plump touch, delicate arts and crafts, rich colors, is like a wide shoulder belt preferred! Handsome street version of the wide shoulder strap bag, suitable for cool little girls, handsome girls can also follow this fashion ah ~ bag in the national wind, very fancy, kate spade bags very bright, very focused consciousness, so trendy bold Bags, like the publicity personality you must not miss friends ~ simple gas quality, what can be out of date, only temperament, however, sometimes more simple and longer, stand the test of time are good things!