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Spring season, no bag how to line?

Is the world April day, it is cherry blossom, as a very suitable for the season of travel, do not go out to play is not wasted years? Since you want to go out, of course, can not blindly go out, in addition to head to toe used to dress up the basic equipment, the appropriate auxiliary single product is also essential, for example, bags. A light-colored bag for the emergence of spring is quite a bit of icing on the cake of the taste, think also is that the spring is full of infinite possibilities, coupled with the bright bag embellishment, the whole atmosphere has become very active , The smell of flowers blowing blowing, block can not stop. Never underestimate the power of canvas bag, sometimes, simple is to promote the ultimate push of fashion, but not easy to show nothing more. Like a small fresh style of women may wish to try, with a white T and a cotton and linen skirt is enough, proper peace of mind. In addition to worry, wild is also one of the considerations of choice bag, or else, only idle part of the child. Really, buy a look in the use, and a variety of clothing types run around the bag, might as well not buy. Black soft leather casual shoulder bag, absolutely no taboo.

If it is still in the cardamom, it is not too conservative, the age has always been the largest woman of the capital, relied on youth, do anything with anything will not be contrary to the sense, because the wayward ah. College wind printing backpack is a typical example, how back is good-looking. A little knowledge of some, do not indulge in the College of the wind of the various, the appropriate grade of a woman to pursue a light cooked range of children is necessary, do not have special kate spade bags luxury, low-key high-end will not lose a brand name goods Feeling, black and white hit the color package, is the case. If you feel the spring back kate spade sale black and white bag slightly common, bright color is also good, in the market, the total light of the bag, the yellow is particularly outstanding. Obviously calm the retro style, but why take a lovely cartoon pattern, elegant yet lively playful, do not mention more interesting.

Often loved by the child alone, is not also want to find a chance to revenge the community? Keke, thirty-six dollars even if the eye to an eye for a tooth for a tooth kate spade handbags is also good. Was the subject of love to occupy the majority of the area of ??a bag of appearance, and instantly become the focus, want to be concerned about it is difficult