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Take the bag, do you get it?

Many girls like to go shopping, many women also like to go shopping. So the question came, what clothes to wear it, with what bag? Different wear, reflecting the different styles, different styles meet different people, there is no? After some carefully with, and finally decided to wear what clothes, but which bag back it? Shoulder oblique cross the small square bag, Baoshen is pink or black, wrapped in the edge of the body to join the weaving elements. The edge of the cover is made up of a car suture and a silver mushroom nail, the strap is black oil, the whole body is made of kate spade bags leather. There is no complicated decoration, looks small and exquisite, it is vibrant. Can go college fresh girl wind, but also with light cooked temperament installed, even when wearing sportswear, but also back it show show curve. Although this bag has such a magic, but only women dedicated Oh! Joke, if there are men like to buy one, send around the female friends, this can still have!

?I personally admit that more biased pink, so the next bag is pink. This is a cross-shaped square ladies handbag, Baoshen main material is the first layer of leather, soft texture, feels very comfortable. The middle part of the front of the package is woven pattern, a little different feeling. Hand-held part of the knitting by the side, portable fixed by the gold claw nail decoration. kate spade handbags There was a tassel on the head of the zipper, and the suture was covered with black oil. This bag looks simple, kate spade purses but not kate spade sale simple, because each part is integrated into the designer "simple but not simple" design concept.