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The dessert into a bag is what kind of experience?

Girls on the two things is absolutely put it down, as is the exquisite dessert, the other is the wild fashion bag ~ that you have not thought about these two things together for the girls is a big attraction force? Some designers on the basis of these hobbies of women, designed a dessert bag ~ summer to the strawberry is the sister of the favorite fruit list, and strawberry-related dessert is sweet to the sister's heart ah ~ and fine Strawberry Cake is also one of the favorite desserts. Fresh strawberries in the soft cream on the embellishment, is simply perfect match.

There is also a square strawberry cake, red and white, layers of layers, but also really good-looking. Whether it is diagonally back or as a clutch, is simply cute! Sister with black little skirt, kate spade sale this package also allows you to more playful it ~ full of color MM beans soft song, is the classic afternoon tea series ~ and this a round khaki bag is very Is the simulation Oh ~ back in the body kind of weird feeling, very cute ~ waffle drums three-color ice cream is simply too little heart it! Shaman above the shredded chocolate, even if it is not eat, every girl to see this ice cream will go all the way ~ as a bag, or very ingenuity. Dream Makkalong bag ~ to know, this classic French dessert, must be sweet to the heart to go, it has a beautiful name, called the girl's chest. This bag chose the dream of purple, the most suitable and the yarn texture of the skirt dress wear ~ as an apple pie, it is not a typical high-value food, but when it turned into a bag, actually have Distinctive fashion sense of small and exquisite is its biggest bright spot, super suitable for street shooting! Plug the larger comparison, looks full of personality. Classic small square bag, shaking the back of the very fashion trend ~ really can take it as a street shot Oh ~

Fang Bao is the perfect retro style ~ it's buckle relatively small, but very delicate, is a very perfect embellishment. Simple and generous clamshell design, but also quite college wind, the above rivets bring a visual impact, a strong sense of hierarchy Oh ~ small package can be used as a shoulder bag can also be used as a shoulder bag Oh ~ see how you like how to back The Its big metal ring is a very large suction highlights, although the whole is blue, but the blue is not the same, clamshell blue to be deeper, will be back out of the sense of hierarchy. Square bag edges and corners to do the comparison of the clear, as a whole is the trapezoidal design, the slope is not great Oh ~ it is the most lovely place is the only metal lines outlined out of the little cat, and there are four colors to pick , Is a wild style.