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There are four strokes to keep your bags as smooth as ever

Every girl can have a few luxury bags, but we usually always neglect their care, let us be forced to spend a lot of money to the special store kate spade bags care. So Xiaobian today to say a few points in the use of bags need to pay attention to the point, as long as you pay attention in daily life, and your bag life will grow a lot of it! The bag on the market, leather, such as leather, sheepskin and other leather-based, luxury bags in the classic models often use the material, so today Xiaobian take a leather bag as an example to tell you a few tips.

Bags are usually bundled with a dust bag, which should be put back into the bag every time it is used, and many times because people are lazy and ignore this step. If you really do not use the bag, remember to empty bags of some newspapers or old clothes out of the body, into the dust bag storage. Remember that you have some thin paper in the new bag to fill it? This is one thing to keep the bag in its original shape and to avoid deformation under extrusion. After you use, of course, should try to do the same thing, so that the bag can keep the shape of life can make it longer. Our leather goods to oil to keep shiny, as we often shoes shoes like shoes. kate spade purses If the surface of the bag if the crack, gently coated with a layer of common hand cream or cream, there will be unexpected results.

Some bags with a long time, will inevitably be in the above kate spade sale contamination of some ball-point pen like scratches, with a nail polish or essential oil to wipe, if coupled with a special protective spray to protect your bag Oh Now is the small package of the world, its advantages to carry light, do not pick good match, fashionable Needless to say, white thin beauty do not usually need to go out with too many things, light comfort is the first thing, what kind of things on the small package Can be resolved, so the concave shape of the package need to carefully selected, black wild, and the flowers of small pendant is particularly playful. A little stitching, a few rivets, some embroidery, so that the postman package a lot of young young, no longer stuck in the time of infinite aftertaste, but also because of an old package classic and so do the vicissitudes of life, add a little youth is the most affectionate Recklessly, feeling the dream of a new set sail.