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This is the correct posture of leather handbags maintenance

Bag is the love of many girls, and has a leather handbags is the dream of every girl, with leather handbags girls tend to feel very proud and proud. Of course, leather handbags is also quite expensive, not only fashion, but also has a certain collection of value. So when our bag dirty how to do, then we need some of the bag maintenance methods. The correct maintenance method can not only make the bag lasting, but also can extend the value of the use of bags. Next to introduce a few leather handbags in general conservation methods.

1, can not be used alcohol and other solvents to wipe, this will be leather fade. 2, dyed stains stained with a clean soft cloth dipped in detergent to wipe, and then clean the cloth with a clean cloth clean, clean and ventilated in a cool place. kate spade purses 3, usually with a period of time with a soft cloth dipped in water wring dry wipe, ventilated place can be dry. 4, rainy day stained with rain should be quickly dry with a dry cloth, can not put on the rub. 5, pay special attention to the maintenance of hardware accessories, often wipe with a soft cloth to keep the light does not rust. kate spade outlet online 6, if found to have holes in the bag, do not repair their own, should be a special repair shop repair. 7, not baked under the sun can not be exposed, will lead to cortical dry. 8, to avoid contact with sharp, hard objects or friction. 9, usually should be the correct use of bags, not twist, squeeze, forced to throw bag, to prevent damage to the bag.