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This year some of these messenger bag, the United States overturned

Now you are dressed, we just look at your clothes, but also look at your accessories and makeup, and diagonal bags, whether it is to work or shopping are super convenient, random and generous, the size and color of the bag are the Not the same, with their own different choice of different styles of Messenger bag. Messenger under the packaging of your curiosity of the world, but also installed your dreams, every day full of energy backpack work to work, wake up you are your heavy dreams. Pigs Messenger bag as the name of the general, very Meng very cute, bag cut to take the arc cut, looks very smooth, metal chain with a heavy sense of urban fashion.

Caramel gives a feeling full of childhood maltose, this small version of the package is very three-dimensional, corners of the contours are very type, large metal buckle and wide shoulder strap with, more handsome. Tofu bag size is like the name of the general, the size is kate spade purses very moderate, can meet the needs of most girls daily travel, in the color selection of caramel colored wild color. Box wrapped in leather and style on the relatively hard, strong sense of the line, metal metal buckle and kate spade sale metal rivets both echo each other, the whole is very harmonious, especially highlight the punk heavy metal shape.

The use of matt leather and metal buckle of the buckle of the buckle, the overall shape simple and clear, metal chain and leather strap stitching, a variety of back to meet your different needs. Hit color has always been like a fashion element, very suitable for the size, just can be installed under the phone and some daily necessities, or double more practical. Simple Messenger bag version is the best with clothes, kate spade sale wide shoulder strap back up more effort and physical and mental, leather and skin surface in the color of different shades, played a unique color effect, wide shoulder strap is full of personality The