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To work OL wind, in the end with what bag more ride?

General commuter bags will be pure color-based, this will become more professional more serious, decorative is also a single element-based, not too exaggerated! Belong to the more simple the better kind! The package is also a regular rectangle shape of the package, so look at the package will look more atmosphere, with the clothes will be more fit, not very abrupt, solid color more flavor! Lychee pattern of the bag, understand the girls all know that the cortex is a very soft kind, but soft soft, the shape is still some, feeling very comfortable, kate spade handbags working sister is estimated to bring a lot of things, So the capacity is also to consider the point! This capacity is very large, more suitable for the newly recruited back, because just to learn something to be sure than others, to pay more effort, so the things with the relatively more, if the pursuit of capacity This is good!

Leather material will look very shiny, brightness will be between the matte and patent leather, there is a good balance, this material will look more advanced, and then on the style, it is the standard OL work style package , These are very consistent with the requirements of working class ~ non-solid color, but it is a classic black and white color of the bag, is also a relatively atmospheric, simple to find a trace of the place, this is suitable for jobs Women come back, there is a kind of cool but strong sense of gas field! Fashion wild, suitable for leisure, street shooting, OL commute, banquet and other occasions! Copper tassels and tassel appearance are plated silver, but the material is not the same! Now the bag with the tassel material can choose it! Dark green chi sauce has always felt that the color of the atmosphere, darker than the black eye, than the white low-key quiet, between the two colors it, if the black and white bags at home too much, you can try this color, but also quite The classic! Although the kate spade bags bag is pure color is relatively monotonous, but you can choose better!