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Tote package big mystery, concave shape by it

Tote bag can be loaded with more than things, all the kate spade handbags things fall into the inside of the lost, you can go out. This kind of casual, lazy, straightforward effort, who can not match the Tote bag. Tote bag is simply the first choice for girls out of the street. Tote Bag, as the name suggests, meaning a large capacity open handbag. The whole is rectangular. Very simple and practical large bags, to the zipper with a small package, large-screen mobile phones, money, keys and other small items can be easily won, but also worried about the safety of the problem can be put down a small sister. Tote bag color fresh, youthful vitality, wild regardless of age, regardless of occasions and seasonal style, casual and stylish, very range of children. Creative novel prints with double-layer fabric, hit color design look good.

Design inspiration from the shape of the wave-shaped tailoring design, this zebra stripes fight with the printing process, so that the bag out of a different kind of playful sense. Texture smooth and delicate, lightweight, tells the natural feelings of fashion. Folk style, simple and nice, the fabric is cotton fabric production, natural no processing, thick type, not soft collapse, shoulder strap adjustable length. Giving a casual and lazy feeling. Literary style, leisure with the nature, green plant printing fresh and comfortable. This polyester material bag, feel good, skin-friendly, anti-wrinkle elastic good. Whether it is with T-shirt or skirt are good-looking, like how to back on how back. Regardless of the trend of the wind blowing to the other side, a practical and beautiful both Tote kate spade outlet package is essential, this Tuo Tu package design is very simple, open and convenient to take, low enough and texture, leisure or Work can be used.