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Variety fashion new concept lazy shoes new wear

Lazy shoes Ye Hao, a pedal worth mentioning, popular fashion momentum is busy, if asked Qiao sister who figure what the word between the line to understand nothing more convenient, like nowadays almost chewed that sentence, because simple so happy, lazy People and shoes are also similar, happy different, lazy shoes is no need to rigidly adhere to the style of clothing, seeking is arbitrary. Although the lazy shoes as long as willing to look on the right and proper, the shoes and dress style does not tune the risk of the lowest, but not to say that from the clothes can be chaos, regardless of dress is fresh art, or sweet dreams, or Casual cozy, first of all, please ensure that the dress style of their own harmonization. Hollow, lazy shoes to wear, at least in the function is closer to the fashion, not to mention the blessed, but more than sandals are not suspense, there is no need to care about is loose jacket sweater and denim shorts Bored, or doll straight dress straight transcendent fashion, can not go and unfavorable.

Want to long legs and shoes to this election, Le Fu shoes shallow mouth, it seems that even behind the Soviet Union's own charm of the British are less, but the fashion is the tone, less to the foot of the foot wrapped, it is different from the The key to the tough, like a young pretty little effort, soft and Mei two dependencies. The more simple and more extraordinary, is not a kind of my life is not born, Jun Sheng I have the old helpless emotion, similarities and sizes of different models, the standard lazy shoes look like, the difference is nothing more than a little thick soles, but it is the most black Classic wild, just put five or six years ago, it was an alternative personality fashion endorsement. Can not say that the plush leopard is a star effect, after all, the printing of the state and the horse hair with a horse appearance, Hanhan like a memory of the plush toys, used in the flat lazy shoes relaxed and comfortable, what kind of interpretation of that style Not the thing, the key is how to wear clothes.

Do not say that lace shoes spring and summer is rare, after all, no one specified high temperature shoes are not allowed to wear deep, the focus is to wear out the gas field to hold the fashion test, the fault layer of the collision color song cake is this A season of new things, and lace with a set of top shoes in the star Fan children. Is shiny or earth Hao gold does not matter, for the relatively low color with the dress, the shiny of the upper is that hit the stone hit the lake, vivid minutes to get, the overall effect of the whole ride through the simple and simple, romantic romantic also Such as the playful before the quality of the word, and then not a pair of embroidered shoes kate spade sale so affectionate, needle needle line sound slow, but the sheepskin soft Zhuoer extraordinary, Dingzhu sequined plate flower rendering, so that between the end of the needle Big line moment to complete the qualitative transformation, there are more comfortable taste evenly.