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Vigilance "bag disease"! 6 strokes with bags, do health backpackers

A beautiful bag is essential for every female travel. But be careful, the bag is also a "beautiful killer", if the back wrong, may lead to a variety of physical diseases. Those backpack way the most hurt? Smart how should you choose and use your bag? Shoulder and neck pain, high and low shoulder, spine strain ... ... these people can not be miserable disease may be backpack "back" out! Every day to get off work, school attendant backpack, bag, is how to become healthy " Bombs "experts said that the backpack style, weight, backpack posture and so may be your" unhealthy "factors. Therefore, only choose their own backpack, scientific backpack, appropriate weight loss, in order to stay away from "backpack disease." 3 kinds of backpack way to the most healthy!

Unilateral shoulder injury

For adults, the most common way of backpack is the shoulder side backpack. And regardless of the ladies most popular shoulder bag, even the shoulder bag, many people are used to use unilateral shoulder back.

Experts said that the incorrect backpack posture is one of the important factors leading to health risks, long-term shoulder bag, especially when the bag is heavy, in order to load the weight of the backpack or in order to keep the bag does not decline, unilateral backpack often Do not consciously lift the kate spade outlet side of the shoulder, while the neck is not consciously tend to the other side, so will cause this side of the shoulder muscle contraction, tight, virtually kate spade sale will cause shoulder muscle strain, a short period of time there will be shoulder pain problem.

In the long run, long-term fixed side of the backpack will make the neck and oppressed shoulder to form tension, the spine force imbalance, can lead to displacement of the disc, or lead to cervical spondylosis.

Shoulder bag too heavy also hurt the body

In addition to backpack posture, the weight of the bag on the human body caused by the injury can not be ignored. Mobile phones, computers, books ... ... now people's backpack loaded with too many items, plus a beautiful appearance of the bag itself is not a small weight, these are virtually increased the burden of the spine. In fact, the weight of the backpack on the health damage, is nothing new thing.

Even if the shoulder bag, if the weight is too large will make the shoulder muscles (such as the trapezius and the shoulder blade) by oppression, soreness is inevitable. In addition, the heavier the knee bag the greater the pressure on the knee, it is easy to produce joint problems.

Hand bag pressure arm nerve

Even if the hand bag, whether it is hanging in the arm forearm, or carry in the hands, but also on the side of the arm of the bag caused by oppression, if not timely change hands, will oppress the nerves, resulting in poor blood circulation of the arm, and then produce pain.

Unilateral bag, the bag away from the body farther, from the perspective of the balance of force, the greater the impact on the spine. And the impact is long-term progressive, difficult to detect, when the problem broke out, the damage has been caused.

Bag selection Raiders do health "backpackers"

From the perspective of health and the smallest impact on the body, the shoulder bag is undoubtedly the best choice, while the Messenger bag in the case of attention to the posture can also reduce the burden on the spine to a certain extent. Shoulder bag is several types of backpack most likely to cause health risks.

In the backpack selection

1, strap to be wide: backpack with too thin, the pressure point of the greater pressure, more likely to cause pain and other issues.

2, the material should be light: try to choose light or decorative objects less backpack, or the weight of a single backpack have been the body "eat" the.

3, it is best not to back in front of:

Whether it is Messenger bag or shoulder bag, from the health point of view are best not to back in front of him. Because of the reasons for the force, back in front of the body will lean forward, likely to cause "hump".

4, regular for the shoulder:

Everyone backpack has their own preferences, experts advise, if the use of shoulder bag or Messenger bag must be regularly for the shoulder, so can play to prevent the role of cervical spine and spinal fatigue.

Different types of bags use tips

If it is a shoulder bag or Messenger bag

(1) as little as possible good package

Handbag the most damage to kate spade bags women's waist, shoulder and handbag are simple to form the body unilateral pressure is too large, so that the body out of balance, single-handed bag, the force straight down, the other side of the demand side of the force Carelessness will lead to injury, in addition, the bag, the nerves and more thin elbow joints have to force, more simple injury.

Therefore, the handbag as light as possible, the weight does not exceed 10% of the weight, bag the best package will be hanging from the elbow a finger far from the local, where the muscle contrast robust, can support backpack weight.

(2) "back center" and "back" best

"Back center" means that the bag just back between the arm and the trunk, hand quietly grip, this method can reduce the shoulder of the effort, "back" means that if you do not like the folder With a satchel, then the bag is slightly better than the forward move.

Because the lower back of the muscles than the chest and abdomen and more, can accept the force is more, more importantly, if the bag for a long time in front of the front, the gravity in front of the body unknowingly forward, hunchback, very influential Beautiful, and back to the back is conducive to the body stand upright.