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What kind of bag is best for autumn and winter?

Back to the back of the bag every day, of course, to consider whether she lined you! But what kind of face, what kind of body, what kind of clothes with what kind of bag. Have you thought about it? This is a test of your knowledge! Choose bags according to the style of clothes, have a look at kate spade handbags their own wardrobe, the square is the official solemn kind of clothes, or rounded corner random clothes, dignified and casual, in the end is what kind of upper hand, which should be the first package package. If you are to follow the fashion of girls, love to wear fashionable clothes should first and popular colors coordinated bags; If you love to wear clean clothes, it should be equipped with kate spade purses brightly colored fancy bags. Look at this style is wild style, but also can be equipped with leisure roar also live like a lady Fan! Think wild can consider a similar style to set off their own wardrobe and clothes! Let yourself have a more practical bag. Select the package also consider what usually wear what clothes. If you love to wear T-shirts, sportswear and other boyish clothing, nylon, plastic, thick canvas category should be selected "hard bag." If you love wearing sweaters, blouses and other girlish clothing, should be selected lace, linen, soft cotton "soft package." Fabric change, the texture of the bag also need to be replaced. If you love climbing that is definitely better backpack!

This size is suitable for backpack umbrella, put some supplies travel just right! Mountain kate spade outlet online climbing is not too cumbersome! Very suitable for light travel. And this backpack looks more stylish! Speaking backpack actually small and exquisite backpack more deeply loved by the little girls. Xiaobian will take you to see it! Backpackers generally choose some soft leather to do, back up is very soft. The feeling of meat whirring! And color is not complicated so simple to better reflect the look of leisure life! Is like the convenience and leisure crush their first choice. Choose according to the height of the bag: If you prefer the generous bag, it must be considered height. Height above 165CM, should choose the full length at 60CM, you can firmly put into a magazine bag; if the height below 157CM, should choose the full length at 50CM, can be loaded sideways into a magazine bag .

Tall and often see this type of capacity is great. Very suitable for cheerful girls! Just plug it is no problem. So mushroom cool you guys know that you are this type? When the bag folder in the armpit, looked from the front, the thickness of the bag is a must pay attention to the problem. Breast, thick waist girl should choose thin and slender rectangular bag. The chest was flat, body-shaped boys like the thick triangle bag selected triangle bag. Like this sexy beauty is very suitable for such bag, hand carrying the style! If it is back on the shoulder now no beauty! Facial features clear, sharp eyebrows, prominent cheekbones and a little boy flavor of the face, to choose a masculine bag stripe; gentle eyes, round nose, melon face and other very girl, to choose a beaded, Sequined bag. To give you the entire exquisite woman's style! Diamond-like life should be every woman is looking forward to life, this style is very good to reflect the style of this style! It is a style suitable for all occasions and sparkles. Very bright appearance, will bring you a good back law! Xiao Bian today to introduce you to so many types, do you find your own type?